The Death of Mrs. Rumbles

When you go in the kitchen for an important call, but find your last words to be "You're Fir..."
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2. The Long Awaited Dinner



“Ugh, when will dinner be served,” Stephen said. I never thought of him as someone impatient. It’s only be 5 minutes… I think.

“Yeah, I am starving,” Stacy says.

“I could eat a horse,” Lucy said while texting someone. Honestly, these people only care about the food!? They don’t even care that Jenna isn’t here yet.

“Well, shouldn’t we wait for Jenna to get here, at least,” I try talking since into them. I think the only person not caring if they get food or not is Holly.

“Umm, who’s Jenna?” Lucy stated with a flick of a hand and back to texting. Everyone was staring at me like I was speaking gibberish.


“You know…” I was interrupted by the maid walking in, “Dinner is served.” They lost interest and went to find their one true love: Food!

“Ugh, and I was just getting to the good bit,” Holly grunted and carefully put the book she was reading back. She went to follow the others but I stopped her, “Holly, you remember Jenna, right?” I pretty much begged that she did,

“Yes, I do,” Holly just plainly said and turned to walk away. I grabbed her arm, “Where is she?” I pleaded, my eyes felt, like they were going to pop out of my head.

“Umm... Elizabeth, didn’t you hear,” Holly uttered barely a whisper. I shake my head: No.

“She got shot, she is dead,” Holly declared and simply walked to get dinner. But I am sure Jenna is alive, I have this feeling she is.

I follow the others to the dining room and sit at my assigned seat: right at the bottom of the table directly opposite the head of the table: Mr. Rumbles, still he is not there, nor Peggy, who is supposed to be next to him.

Everyone is so oblivious to the missing hosts they start eating the meal. I hate how inconsiderate people can get!

“Aren’t you people going to wait for the hosts!” I nearly shout. They look up. Shocked, I guess.

“They will be back soon,” Lucy says and carries on eating, everyone copies her and carries on eating their food; which some type of red thing, that I won’t eat in a million years.


Then, I notice that there is an empty seat next to me too, I pick up the nametag in front of the plate;

Jenna McIntosh

I thought she was dead? Maybe the Rumbles didn’t know that. I put it back. I hate this, waiting around for the Rumbles to show up. I excuse myself from the table and start my search.


Before I even got past the living room, I hear a gunshot. I run towards where I haerd the gunshot; the kitchen.

I found Peggy dead. A victim of a murder. And that Murderer is in this goddamn house.

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