The Death of Mrs. Rumbles

When you go in the kitchen for an important call, but find your last words to be "You're Fir..."
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3. The Crime Scene


Why would anyone in this house kill Peggy? I look around the kitchen and found the chef hiding in the corner.

“You bastard!! You killed Peggy!!” I shouted dragging the chef onto his feet and pinning him against the fridge.

“I...I…I didn’t shoot Peggy,” he stuttered, “Pah-lease, you’re the only one that can. You were in the room when she died. Just hand over the murder weapon and get this over with,” I was angry now. I would do anything to get revenge… for Peggy at least.

“But I don’t have a murder weapon, since I didn’t murder Mrs. Rumbles,” he isn’t stuttering now.

His not nervous anymore.

Is he that coldhearted?

I hear a thumping from upstairs, that must be where Mr. Rumbles is. I turn around to see all the guests staring at me. Tears in their eyes, well, some of them. I walk over to Peggy, lifeless Peggy.


The Rumble’s house is glorious. It always has been glorious, that’s why we always spent our summer holidays there, but I know this year will be the last. The last summer of College,

“Elizabeth!!” Peggy was running at full speed ahead to greet me. She was always the first to arrive to the Rumble’s for the holidays, she liked getting the first pick of rooms. “Hiya, Peggy!!” I pretty much shout. We hugged the long awaiting hug. “I am going to marry James Rumbles,” she whispered in my ear. I am shocked I thought she hated him, “Why?” I ask out of downright sadness, “I am only doing it for the money.”


“I will miss you Peggy,” I cried whispering.

Blood soaks the floor. She was shot, but I can’t see where clearly. All I know is, that it was in the head and that she was on the phone.

“Where is she??” I hear Mr. Rumbles shouting hysterically, while running down stairs, “Is she hurt??” he is crying now. I turn to see him standing in the doorway red faced from all the tears and Holly following in after him.

He was in his study upstairs,” she mouthed to me. I move out the way so he can get to her.

“Who done this to you??” he cried. I hate watching men cry. It looks abnormal compared to women crying.

“You!!” he shouted pointing to the chef. My turn to watch with the guests. “How could you, kill my wife??” he is hysterical and looks like he could punch someone. But the chef doesn’t look like someone who could kill someone, there’s not even a gun nearby.

“Wait! Before this turns into a bloodbath, shouldn’t we call the police,” I declared, right before Mr. Rumbles had the shot to punch the chef.


“Ugh, we didn’t even get dessert,” Lucy exclaimed as we waited in the living room, as Mr. Rumbles went upstairs to dial the police.

“You outrage me Lucy!” I shout in her face, “Our host just died and all you could think of is chocolate mousse!” I am so near punching this b****!

“Well, excuse me! Just because you had a little summer fling with Peggy, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world!” Lucy quite rightly said.



The electricity went out. I hope Mr. Rumbles called the police in time.

To be continued.


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