The Death of Mrs. Rumbles

When you go in the kitchen for an important call, but find your last words to be "You're Fir..."
Cover by Clairey160, they have a cover store. Go check it out!


4. The Black Out


Confusion. That’s the first thing that filled my mind, confusion. First, there was complete darkness and ear threating scream. If I not mistaken that was Lucy’s scream.

“THERE’S NO WIFI!!” Lucy screamed. I don’t think Lucy has ever been disconnected from the world. Or from the whole universe, I still think she contacts aliens.

A thumping and a crash from upstairs caught my attention, well even a tiptoe in the dark will crab my attention. “Ladies and Gentlemen, I inform you that the electricity cables have been cut,” a very formal British accent said.


After having a torch shoved into my hands and the room being filled with light did I see where that voice came from: the butler.

“As I said before the electricity cable has been cut and won’t be fixed till the morning,” the ‘most boring person in the room’ award goes to…...the butler from England!

“Also, some more bad news,” oh no, the person I didn’t want bad news from, “I couldn’t get through to the police in time,” Mr. Rumbles keeps ruining my day!

The bright light from everyone’s torch (a torch each) was blinding me, I don’t think 10 torches was needed (with no spare), It’s like the power cut was intended to happen…


“I don’t believe an electricity cut, causes everyone to stay here the night!” Lucy is fuming. This isn’t her night.

First, someone gets murdered.

Then, the police aren’t called in time, because the electricity was cut and now she has to share a room with poor old me.

“They do have a reason, you know for keeping us here,” I start to explain.

"Yeah, I know, I know, we’re all suspects for a murder,” Lucy mumbled irritably.

“Well, that, but also for our safety,” I say hoping she’ll understand. If only I could take a picture of Lucy’s face right now looking dead confused, in her frilly pink PJ’s (don’t ask me where she found them).

“Ok, let me explain, the electricity cables in this house connect to all the lampposts down the hill, so driving home, on a narrow road, in the dark, is a quick way to get rid of 7 guests,” I explained, only to find Lucy fast asleep. I should get some sleep too. I switch my torch off and welcome the darkness back.


Sorry guys it’s so short! Just ain’t feeling it today, aka so tired!!!


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