How does one truly live happily when all she has to do is put on a girly and polite facade infront of her oh so strict parents. The going gets tough when her crush finally gets the guts to ask her out and when her brother is more aware of her behavior. Is life really as unfair as her parents make it? What happens when her boyfriend reveals his true colours to her? Will she be able to forgive him? What happens while she goes abroad to study? Will someone else help patch up the holes in her broken heart? Read more to find out. Please? (Sorry I can't do descriptions but I can assure you, the story is better than a very short description)


9. Chapter 8

"What time does your mum usually come home?" Akuti asks while siting crossed legs on my bed. Both she and my brother made up the very next day. According to Akuti, my brother kept calling her and apologising. My brother on the other hand, just ignores me and blames me for how he and Akuti almost broke up.

"Lunch time" I reply while getting ready for my date with Deepak. It's been 2 days since the day he told me he loved me. When I told Akuti the incident, she was overjoyed and she kept telling me that he was the one. 

"That combination looks good" she said while I play with the flair on my skirt. My parents would never let me wear anything that showed my shoulders or a little of my legs but I don't feel like listening to them anymore. I think it's time I break free from all of their rules.

"White and pink is such a girly combination" she says eying my outfit.

"Is that a yes or a no?" I ask confused. I'm wearing a pink flair skirt and white off shoulders blouse.

"An obvious yes Riya" she says narrowing her eyebrows. I laugh and nod at her answer. 

My phone rings and I check for the text.

"Its from Deepak, he's leaving now" I say quite nervous. Akuti just nods and continue laying on my bed.

"Aren't we going to leave as well?" I ask impatient.

"No. You have to make him wait for you" she says, confusing me.


"So when he sees you this sexy, he won't mind waiting next time" she says sitting upright. 

"Okay that's just an odd thing to do. I mean I'm obviously not going to keep dressing up for the 3rd to 4th date" I say stating the truth.

"True. Okay come on" she says getting up from my bed and leaving my room.

I take one quick look in the mirror, with a smile I leave and follow Akuti. 

Once Akuti drops me of at the cafe, I take a deep breath and walk inside the cafe. The minute I step in the cafe, everyone's eyes were on me. I manage to spot Deepak, despite many eyes on me.

I take a seat opposite him and wave at him with a smile.

"Hi Riya" he greets with a smile and gives me a kiss on my hand. I just return the smile.

"So we're having brunch right?" He asks

"Yup" I say with a shy smile.

We say our order and he starts the conversation.

"Is your brother still mad at you?" 

"He's not really mad. Just more to ignoring me"

"I'm sor-

"Don't apologise. It's not your fault Deepak" I say with a reassuring smile. He just takes my hand in his in exchange. 

"So how's you team and all?" I ask changing the subject.

"All good. How's Kyushi?" 

"She never said anything to me from that day. I feel so guilty because if I didn't bring her to where her boyfriend was that day, she would've never gotten her heart crushed"

"And that bastard would've probably still be cheating behind my back" I hear a familiar voice say behind me. I turn around and see Kyushi standing with Kiran next to her. I start to smile widely. Then I run up and hug her.

"I miss my best friend" I say and she hugs back. 

"Me too" 

"How did you know I was going to be here?" I say taking a seat next to Deepak as she and Kiran takes a seat opposite us.

"Deepak called us" she says smiling at Deepak. 

"You did?" 

"Yeah, Kiran said that you two weren't talking and Kyushi really missed you. So, I decided to bring them along. Hope you don't mind"

"Yes, please don't mind. It'll be like a double date" Kyushi says hinting that she and Kiran got together.

"Of course I don't mind and I'm so glad you moved on" I say while taking Kyushi's hands in mine.

"As soon as I realised that Ashok didn't deserve me, I started moving on. Kiran was with me the whole time comforting me and that was when I also realised that I was with the wrong guy this whole time" she says with a wide smile the whole time explaining. 

"That's so sweet" I say, honestly proud of her.

"I really want to go clubbing" Riya says out of the blue that she shock Deepak, Kiran and me.

"You know how my parents are" I say.

"But I also know that they trust me" she says

"Your point is?" I ask with an eyebrow raised.

"Why don't you say you're staying over at my house and we go out that night?" She asks

"I will admit, it's a good plan Kyushi but it's too risky" I say, too afraid of what might happen.

"Come on. What could possibly go wrong" she asks. Instantly my mind says "Everything".

"Okay but you guys are coming along" I say leaning on Deepak. 

"Obviously" Kiran says finally saying something after arriving here.

"We wouldn't dare leave you girls alone" Deepak says with a kiss on my head. I look into his eyes with a smile. A genuine happy smile. A complete smile or so I thought...

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