How does one truly live happily when all she has to do is put on a girly and polite facade infront of her oh so strict parents. The going gets tough when her crush finally gets the guts to ask her out and when her brother is more aware of her behavior. Is life really as unfair as her parents make it? What happens when her boyfriend reveals his true colours to her? Will she be able to forgive him? What happens while she goes abroad to study? Will someone else help patch up the holes in her broken heart? Read more to find out. Please? (Sorry I can't do descriptions but I can assure you, the story is better than a very short description)


5. Chapter 4

"Riya hurry up! You have 30 more minutes before school starts" my brother yells from outside my bedroom door.

I start to worry as I knew, once my brother saw all this makeup, he would order me to wash it off. Akuti must've seen me worrying as she had her hands on my shoulder. 

"Don't worry, I'm gonna convince your brother to let me send you to school. Besides, the tone of his voice proofs he's still tired" she says and I nod with a small worried smile.

Akuti comes back into my room fifteen minutes later with a wide smile.

"He said yes!!" She yelled as she intertwine her fingers with mine and we both jump up and down with joy.

"And as a bonus..." Akuti pauses while I inch closer eager to know

"I'm picking you back from school!!" She says with another wide dimpled smile.

"No way!! You're the best Akuti" I say with a smile and proceed to hug her. 

Both of us sneak out of the house hoping my brother wouldn't come out of his room and catch me looking like I'm going to a club instead of school.

Once we get to where Akuti parked her car, I was shocked. Her car is the astonishing Toyota Vios in baby blue. 

"Did my brother fall in love with you or your car?" I ask.

She chuckles and says "I'm not really sure about that" in fake worry.

Once we reached to my school, I was fifteen minutes early.

"Okay, Riya I have to tell you something" Akuti calls while grasping on my hand as I about to get out the car.

"Sure. What is it?" I ask while getting back in the car. 

"I know you've got your exam coming up and I shouldn't be trying to increase your popularity level, but I just want you to know, that school isn't all about learning. It's also about having a good time before you're thrown out into a world of crimes and stress. If there's anything fun you'd like to do after your exam that your parents won't allow, just call me okay?" Akuti says while handing me her number. I nod and hug her once more.

"And... I've got a surprise for you after school" she adds only to rise my wanting for school to end today.

I get out of the car and steadily walk up the flight of stairs to my school. These wedges weren't as bad as heels. I feel more steady in them than in heels.

Once I get in the school, everyone's eyes were on me including Deepak's. I approach Kyushi who's eyes weren't on me because they were busy on her cell phone screen.

"The principal's office is up the stairs if you're new here and the washroom is just down the hall" Kyushi says eyes still glued on her cell phone screen. When I didn't move away, she finally decided to look up.

"You look familiar. Have we met before?" Kyushi asks with narrowed eyes. 

"That's because I'm your best friend, dummy"

"Wait, Riya calls me that but you couldn't possibly be her" Kyushi says thinking she's stating the obvious.

"And you couldn't possibly be the school's third smartest student but then again, we all surprise one another from time to time" I counterclaim. Kyushi just rolls her eyes in return.

"You're Riya right?" Deepak asks from out of the blue.

"Yes, I'm Riya. How long have you been here?" I ask with shock and nervousness as my crush is talking to me.

He laughs at my nervousness and replies "Not long enough. What's with the drastic change?" He asks, shocking both me and Kyushi that we had to look at each other with mouths open before I answer "Nothing really. Just a random question, how did you know that I had a change?" I ask with an eyebrow raised.

He laughs again and says "Well you're not a total stranger to me. We've talked before, remember?"

"Yeah. I just figured you wouldn't have remembered" I sheepishly say.

"Nonsense, I remembered talking to as you didn't look like our age and you were so shy to talk back" he says with a laugh. Is this all a dream? Deepak the school's most popular guy is talking to me and he knows me.

"So, by any chance if she changed back to her ordinary look, would you still talk to her?" Kyushi asks covering my shyness for me.

"Yeah, why not. I'm not the famous cricketer who plays with every girls heart. It's what people label me as by just looking at me. It's honestly such a mean and judgemental thing to do" he says. 

Kyushi and I looked at each other because we actually believed what other people label him as.

"Why don't we hangout after school? I've seen you actually go back an hour late?" He says which proofs that he actually notices me on daily basis.

I just nod shyly.

"Talk to you later then Riya" he says with a smile.

When he left, I lean backwards on the wall with a dazed face. 

"Deepak realises it's me" I say still keeping my dreamy face on. Kyushi rolls her eyes in return and says "What really happened to you?" She asks.

I giggle and say "My brother's girlfriend"

"Wait, she did this all for you?" Kyushi asks with shock and I nod.

"I don't even know her but I'm already liking what she did to you. She got Deepak to notice you" Kyushi says with jazz hands.

"Technically, he already notices me on a daily basis"

"True, but this new sexy look of yours got him the guts to come over here and talk to you" Kyushi says obviously happy for me.

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