How does one truly live happily when all she has to do is put on a girly and polite facade infront of her oh so strict parents. The going gets tough when her crush finally gets the guts to ask her out and when her brother is more aware of her behavior. Is life really as unfair as her parents make it? What happens when her boyfriend reveals his true colours to her? Will she be able to forgive him? What happens while she goes abroad to study? Will someone else help patch up the holes in her broken heart? Read more to find out. Please? (Sorry I can't do descriptions but I can assure you, the story is better than a very short description)


3. Chapter 2

Today's the day I meet my brothers girlfriend. We're here at a fancy restaurant 15 minutes early because my brother is a perfectionist and he claims he's punctual when he's just excited to see her.

"Now listen! Don't do anything stupid or bring up anything stupid which includes me" my brother nags for the 100th time. He's so nervous his whole body is crying.

"If she's really the one for you, why do you have to be worried about yourself being an embarrassment. She'll accept you just the way you are. Even your nerdy self" I retort the obvious.

My brother stares at me dumbfounded. It was as if he was wondering how I knew quite much about love when I've never actually dated anyone.

"Just have manners" he replies in retreat.

"Yeah and why don't you wipe off the sweat on your forehead" I say while handing him his handkerchief that I grabbed from his back pocket sneakily.

"As sly as a fox" he says while narrowing his eyes.
While my brother was rubbing his sweaty face, the girl we've been expecting walks into the restaurant and joins our table.

"Hi, aapako Riya hona chaahie" she says to me with her hand out.

"Vah hindee nahin bolatee" my brother explains about me not knowing hindi while I give a shy smile.

"Ohh okay. Hi Riya, I'm Akuti" she says with her hand out again for a handshake.

"Well that explains why my brother has set your contact name as Mera Akuti" I say with a giggle while taking her hand.

"Did he now? Well thanks for telling me Riya. Now I can forever tease him for that" she said with a smile to Ram while he gives me a glare.

"I have a feeling we're going to be spending more time together"

"Oh definitely, I've always wanted a sister. Are you a fan of shopping" she asks with a dimpled smile. Her dimples are so deep. One dimple is deeper than the other.

"I'm a fan of getting out of the house"

"Hahaha I see. Then we should definitely go out some time soon" she says while my brother calls the waiter for the menu. I nod, loving the idea of spending time with an older sister and not an older brother.

"Not when she has a major exam coming soon" my brother interupts. Clearly not liking the idea of me spilling everything about my him to his girlfriend. 

"Ohh I see. Maybe after your exam then" she says and I nod again.

"What are you getting A-cutie?" My brother asks using the most quesy nickname for her. Akuti giggles and points at her order just so my brother would inch closer to be able to see it. They then proceed to stare into eachothers eyes as I cringe at their mushiness and decide to clear my throat before the go too far. Once I did so, they immediatly look away.

"I thought of getting the Chicken Cordon Bleu but then again the Lamb chop looks enticing. What do you think, big brother?" I say clearing the awkwardness. He glares at me and decides to ignore me. 

"I think the Chicken Cordon Bleu sounds nice" Akuti says with a faint dimpled smile. I return the smile and tell my order to the waiter that has been waiting for over 10 minutes now.

My brother and his girlfriend continue their small chat and I start to wonder away in thought. By the way Akuti was dressed, I knew she was from a wealthy family. She's even got makeup on her already pretty face. Her hazel coloured eyes were enhanced with smoky red to black glitter eyeshadow, her black eyeliner was on fleek and so were her eyebrows. To top it all of, she looked so good in bright red lipstick. Not many thin lipped, brown girl could rock the bright red lipstick without looking like they didn't even have lips. She has got on a body hugging black sillhoute with red roses topped on at the bottom of the dress to complete her black and red colour scheme.

Mid way through my deep admiring, I hear Akuti speaking in Tamil. That was when I brainstormed the most maniacal plan. I was going to blackmail my brother into letting me do the things I want to do behind my parents back in order to keep his relationship a secret.

"Akuti, I didn't know you could speak in Tamil?" I ask with fake shock.

"Yeah, I'm actually Indian and but I learned a bit of hindi to get a variety of friends, you know?" She says. I nod and smile politely at her but mostly because my brother was so dead. My parents would never let him be with an Indian girl.

"I see and how are your parents on about this?" I ask curiously while gesturing to my brother and her.

"I'm the only child and they give me whatever I need. Hence, they're okay about this. Us" Akuti says while wrapping her right arm around my brothers left arm.

"I figured that" I say only to earn a glare from my brother.

"Oh, sorry if I look too fancy. My parents insist on dressing to impress. It's literally their moto. I was never one to dress up. I'd rather show up to this date with yoga pants and a messy bun for all I care and it's because of that they hire a maid to literally dress me up as a doll" she says in a rather hurt way. Guilt starts to take control and I bite my bottom lip thinking of a way to apologize.

"Sorry Akuti. I didn't mean to say that. My brother showed me a few pictures of the two of you and when I first saw you without makeup and all, you stricked me as a humble girl and I didn't mean to disrespect you"

"It's okay Riya. We're still going shopping right?"

I chuckled and nod at her question.

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