How does one truly live happily when all she has to do is put on a girly and polite facade infront of her oh so strict parents. The going gets tough when her crush finally gets the guts to ask her out and when her brother is more aware of her behavior. Is life really as unfair as her parents make it? What happens when her boyfriend reveals his true colours to her? Will she be able to forgive him? What happens while she goes abroad to study? Will someone else help patch up the holes in her broken heart? Read more to find out. Please? (Sorry I can't do descriptions but I can assure you, the story is better than a very short description)


2. Chapter 1

The bell finally rings after a very exhausting class.

"I'm pretty sure my ears are deaf now from all her yelling" I say to Khushi.

"Oh look, it's Deepak" Khushi says and point to our right. I turn a quick 90 degree. I was so sure that if I wasn't careful enough, my neck could snap and I could lose this precious life of mine.

"Nope, you're not deaf yet" Khushi reassures with a giggle. I roll my eyes and ignored the thought of strangling Khushi. Looks like my never fading crush on Deepak is amusing her. 

"Whatever Khushi. Don't act like you've never had a crush before" I say while checking my phone to see if I've got any texts from my older brother, Ram.

"I've had crushes Ri. Just on decent guys not egoistic ones like yours" Khushi retorts.

I roll my eyes yet again and head to my brothers car. I wave and blow a kiss to Khushi who was getting on behind her boyfriends motorbike while wishing I had Khushi's life. Khushi's parents don't even mind her hitching a ride home with Ashok, her boyfriend. Her parents are the only ones asking when I will be getting a boyfriend. It seems like a dream come true to have parents like hers.

"You're always daydreaming. You'd better be thinking 'bout studies" my brother nags. Despite being a bossy brother, he annoys the heck out of me and even when he doesn't show it, he's really protective.

"What's with the stare?" He asks with an eyebrow raised.

"Just thinking of ways to kill you" I retaliate with a smile.

"Good luck with that" he says without shifting his gaze from the road.

His phone buzzes and I manage to catch a glimpse of the text before reaching to grab it.

"No you don't" he says and with quick reflexes, he grabs it before I do. The contact name was saved as Mera Akuti. Mera meant my in hindi and Akuti was a name. The meaning behind that name was princess. My parents often encourage me to speak in Hindi because it's our mother tongue but I was always too shy and everytime I developed the sentence in my head, it would sound perfect but whenever I tried to speak it, I would often sound like an english person trying to speak in hindi. Hence, to this day, I only speak the language I'm comfortable in, which is English. That doesn't stop me from watching bollywood films and jamming along to the songs though.

"Don't text and drive" I say and intend to take away my brothers phone but before I could even reach, he puts it down in between his thighs.

"So when am I meeting tumhaara pyaar" I say while squiggling my eyebrows.

"What are you talking about?" He asks still keeping his eyes on the road. I didn't need to read his facial expression to know that he was nervous.

"I saw her text" I say crossing my arms, trying to look tough.

"That text was from Ashok" He says obviously trying to cover up the fact that he has a girlfriend.

"Right and you saved his contact name as Mera Akuti?"

"Yeah, It's called bromance" he says finally shifting his gaze to me as we were at a stop light.

"Mind if I called to chec-

"No!!" He yelled before I could even finish my sentence.

"And why is that?" I asked while narrowing my eyes.

"He gets nervous around girls" he said while parallel parking infront our house.

"Is that so?" I add still not buying his reasons. Just then, I get an idea.

"Ma!! You would love to hear about your son's new friend" I call out to my mum with a smirk. I turn around to smile maniacally at my brother when he covers my mouth and drags me to the closet.

"Fine, she's my girlfriend" he admits while showing a picture of him with a beatiful girl. She has a fairer tone than us, large brown eyes and a dimpled smile. I look up at my brother and back at the picture.

"Tell her she needs glasses" I say holding back my laughter.

"This is why I don't want you to meet her" he says while pushing back his phone in his left pocket.

"Please, I don't have your embarassing baby photos" I say about to beg him to let me meet his girl.

"You do have a point, but you're my annoying little sister that just blackmailed me to tell you this. Why do you think I should let you meet her anyways"

"Because if you don't, I'll tell mum" I shoot back. He takes time for a counterclaim.

"You don't have any proof" he says with a smirk. Little did he know, I have all the proof I need.

"You do realise that picture you showed me is from her instagram. Therefore, leading me to all the proof I need" I taunt. He snarls at me and storms out the closet.

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