Road Trip of Dreams

This story will be about a girl and her family going on a road trip and end up finding...


1. Family Issues

"But MOM!!!!" "I DON'T WANT TO GO ON A BORING ROAD TRIP!!! ESPECIALLY with the FAMILY! You all will bore me to death." 

"Cecilia we don't have time for these 'little tantrums' of yours. We need to get finished packing and loading the car up. We only have a certain amount of time, dear. Do you understand?" 

"Ugh... fine. I guess I'll go, but only because I don't have a choice." 

If you couldn't tell by our 'conversation' as my mom would call it, but more like argument, my mom is making me go on a stupid road trip with her, my dad, my older sister whose 20, and of course me. I'm 2 years younger than my sister. Me and her can be the best of friends some times, but at other times, I swear she has a freaking demon possessing her. She can be a huge brat sometimes since she's the first child and thinks she's the best because of it.My name is Cecilia, but I go by Cece or C. My sister's name is Alexis and she goes by Alex. Enough about me and my boring family. I'm sure you would much rather me continue on with the story.


Alex was already in the car by the time I was finished packing and finally got all my stuff in the car. May I mention nobody helped me even though they're the ones that wanted me to go on this wretched family trip. My family can be so irritating sometimes. Alex had earbuds in at full blast. I could hear them all the way at the door. How in the world does she not blast out an eardrum or something??? If it was me and I did that as often as she does, considering my bad luck, both of my ear drums would be totally garbage. 


I sat down in my seat and buckled up. Or at least tried to. My seat belt wouldn't snap shut like it usually does. See I told you I have bad luck. Now I either have to sit in the very back where there is an extra row of seats, but not good seats or just sit on my seat belt. I think I'll just sit on my seat belt. The back row was just a well known place that you don't sit in. To be honest I don't even know why, I mean it looks perfectly normal. The only difference was that you could push the seats down to make it like a bed. But other than that they seemed normal. Oh well. 


My mom and dad finally finished loading the car with all of our luggage and other things. Dad wouldn't tell me where we were going. TBH I don't even think he knows. Mom is all for not telling us where we are going because she said it's more fun that way. She is out of her mind sometimes. I mean that's not to crazy or anything, but it's just so annoying not even knowing where you're going or what to pack for.


Dad turned on the engine. It wouldn't start. 


"Dad, what's wrong with the car?" 


"I don't know. I'll try it one more time and hopefully it will turn on."


The car's engine roared to life. Thank God because it was beginning to get really hot in the car without the air conditioning on. We pulled out of the driveway and were off on our way. I immediately dozed off to pass the time. 


I woke up to a sign that said, "You are now entering Columbia!" 


"Oh good, another thing to get excited about. For the record that was complete sarcasm."


All of a sudden we pulled into a rest stop/gas station kind of place. There weren't very many cars there, but just enough for it to appear like it wasn't a total dump. We pulled in just in time too because the second we entered the parking lot our car completely crashed down.


"What is with my luck today!!! I hope the universe eases up on my bad luck soon." I exclaimed.


A/N: Thank you for everyone that read my other story, "Love of Rose" and those of you that haven't yet, you should totally check it out. Also, thanks for reading this book. I started on this book even though I was in the middle of my other one just because I had other ideas for another book that I had to write down before I forgot them. And I just had more ideas for how this book should go. Once again, thank you for reading this, and taking time out of you guys' busy days to read it. I really appreciate all the comments you guys comment. They really help boost my self confidence about writing these stories as long as they are good comments.


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