Bittersweet Love

Growing up in a town of muggles with only one wizarding family, Lillian Belladonna Williams (Lily Bella Williams) never felt understood, she was different to other people, having the powers that no-one else did, she just wanted to be understood. She found it hard to fall for someone (despite the fact she was turning 11 soon) or make even a friend. She felt rejected, even though no-one had ever hurt her, she wanted to be safe.
Until she met him...


2. Birthday Disaster

I was sat in my crème coloured room reading, it was my birthday but I wasn’t going to wake up my mother. So instead I just read up on Hogwarts: A History, it was really interesting the stuff it had been through and the strange magic, the myths of Salazar Slytherin’s heir and all. I had gotten the book from our personal library at the back of our house. I hate to brag, but our house was splendid, It was 3-storeys-high and 8-bedroomed house with 4 bathrooms and a library, not to mention a large garden with a perfect, peaceful spot to relax in at the back.  

“Lillian, it’s time to get up now,” Mother yelled from downstairs.

“Okay, coming” I replied walking down the staircase, our enchanted paintings wished me a happy birthday as I walked out.

My mother handed me a letter, stamped from Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She had made me a breakfast of cinnamon rolls and pumpkin pasties as well as cranberry juice. I ate it quickly before opening the letter and reading it swiftly, I had already gotten the school supplies as my mum, being my mum had bought it a few months ago.

She handed me a box, inside was a hand-knit scarf in red and gold with the Gryffindor logo neatly stitched on it, it was beautiful. A shiver rolled slowly down the back of my spine as I started doubting my likelihood of getting into Gryffindor. A lump formed in my throat, as I tried to swallow an undersized tear swiftly dripped down my face. I rubbed it off speedily as if nothing had happened, but I was so scared of disappointing my mother and getting into Slytherin. I had already forgotten it was my birthday, I was more pressured than happy, but I kept on an act to satisfy her.

“Thanks mum,” I said happily.

“See, the words of a proud Gryffindor,” She replied cheerfully before turning and .

“Mum, what if I'm not in Gryffindor?”

She stopped dead in her tracks, she turned around to look at me, and her eyes were almost bloodshot.

“You will be” She replied shakily.

“But what if I'm not?” I asked.

“That’s it, go to your room”

“But I want to know-”



I walked up to my room, the enchanted paintings followed me in, the enchanted painting of my grandmother followed me into the only frame in my room, that of the landscape surrounding my village.

“Dear, what’s wrong?” My grandmother’s portrait asked.

“It’s nothing,” I replied softly.

“There is clearly something wrong, so please tell me what’s wrong”

“It's mum, she needs me to be in Gryffindor, but, I'm worried in case I'm not,”

“I'm sure if you’re destined to be in it, you will be”

“Thanks Nan,”

“Even if you don’t, you’ll be like your father”

“My father?”

“I’m sure you know,”

“Know what?”

“Your father was in Slytherin”

“He was what?”

“A Slytherin, he surprised me incredibly, I always thought he’d be a Ravenclaw, then, he got placed in there, he tried to hide it from me, I found out though, mothers always do,”

“So my mother lied to me?”

“I guess so, maybe she was scared that you’d end up like him, he’s done some strange thing your father”

“Like what, why is mum scared of him?”

“Now, now, I never said that,”

“Please tell me Nan, I want to know”

“I cannot ruin your picture of your father dear,”

“Fine, I will find out though,”

“Please don’t, remember your father as a kind man, do it before he passes”

“What’s that supposed to-”

There was a knock on the door, it was mum, I already knew that though, I remained quiet and the door knocked again. They tried just opening the door, I had locked it, it was silent for a few seconds until something was mumbled and the door burst open. Talk about invasion of privacy. Yet it wasn’t really mum, it was a cousin of mine, strange, they barely ever visit us, I guess it’s not that strange, even though it didn’t feel like it, it was my birthday.

“Hello Lily” He said.

“Hello Michael,” I replied.

“Happy Birthday, I know it’s not much coming from someone you meet every year, but I mean it”


“So, what’s wrong with you and your mother?”

“Nothing, just a complicated school matter”

“Let me tell you something”

“About what?”

“Hogwarts, do you know who Merlin is?”

“Greatest wizard alive, created a lot of spells?”

“He was in Slytherin”

“Thanks Michael”

“Anytime Little Lil’”

“Don’t call me that”

“Ok, I'm going to talk with your mum, goodbye Lillian,”


Michael left the room closing the door behind him, wow; he really knows how to help people. I sat thinking in my room for countless minutes, after talking with my cousin I was less scared about becoming a Slytherin, but I was determined to get into Gryffindor.

It had been at least an hour since my cousins had left, I hadn’t said hello to my aunt and uncle, I didn’t even say goodbye, and I hadn’t spoken a word to my mum, I didn’t have the guts to. Oh well, I checked my watch, it was 7:00pm already, they must’ve been here for a long time. I got up to take a shower, I needed to wash my long blonde hair and my pale skin was in need of a clean.

After I got out, I looked at my face in the mirror, my freckles were very visible and my light blue eyes reflected the light and lit up like the stars on a cloudless night, sorry that was kind of cheesy.  

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