Not the right kind of dirty🤐


1. i met him😊

Hello my name is Kate, I'm single and I go to LaGrange College. I'm about to start working at a sushi restaurant down town in campus. It pays 25$ and 1 hour and 45 min so I end up working for 10 hours and 45 min everyday, for the days I don't have school. For the days I have school I work from 4:45 to 7:00pm. Let's just say I get paid well.

It's my first 10 hour and 45 min shift and I'm ready to work. I'm on my last hour when this realllllllyyy cute boy orders a sushi dish with wasabi. I came out and asked for his credit card to pay and when I was done I gave him a receipt to sign. I moved on to the next table waiting a couple minutes to come back and pick it up. Little did I know he wrote is number with a winking face kind of like this ;)!

My shift is done and I went over to Starbucks to get some coffee and I saw him again. He seemed to be following me. I sat down with my caramel macchiato with my MacBook, he came over and sat down with me. He seemed interested, I was suddenly intrigued. The way his hair lays and his beautiful hazel eyes staring into my blue eyes. He suddenly said " do you go to LaGrange College?"

I said " yes. Do you?"

He said" yes and that paper looks familiar, do you have Mrs. Coppermen or Mrs. C as she prefers?"

I said " Yes how did you know"

Even though he just said that the paper looked familiar, I'm so stupid.

He said" I have her. You are so beautiful, what is your name?"

I said " Kate, what about you?"

He said " Adym"

Knowing that he was so hot and perfect I just said " that's cool"

Adym said" do you want to come over to my place and study?"

Of course I wanted to but I promised my dad I would unpack since I just started going here. But that could happen tomorrow I was not letting this chance down.

I said" of course"

Crap I just remembered I have to work, maybe I can call in sick? I don't really know.

Adym then said" ok see you soon, text me your address and I will pick you up at 5:30"

I said " OK"

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