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  • Published: 17 Mar 2017
  • Updated: 17 Mar 2017
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A Poem.


1. Dream

I dreamt about you last night

And my whole life´s filled with grief

For now you´re stuck in my head

And sadness gives no reprieve


I dreamt about you last night

Your lovely features and tone 

I was so happy in that dream 

But now I´m stuck here, alone. 


I have dreamt about you before

But none of those times like this

This detail was insurmountable 

It reminded me how much of you I miss


There is no easy solution

To this pain, we refer to as greif

There is one solution I´ve thought of

But it´s too selfish to repeat


Suicide, after all, is not the answer

Though it does take you out of this hell

But suicide does not remove the pain.

It just passes it on to someone else. 

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