Adoring Theodore

A BoyxBoy story- teen love.


5. You'll Be Okay

 Alec sat in the corner of his room, shaking. The silhouettes were back after two days, worse than ever. This time they were calling him names along with laughing at him. 
'Pathetic faggot'

'Stupid Cunt'...
He sat there, cradling his knees, holding his ears as tightly as possible in attempt to stop the insults. Tears flew down his cheeks. He couldn't bear it anymore. He shouted at them to stop, but all they did was to laugh at him. The fists around his neck went tighter, suffocating him. He couldn't breath. Gasping for air, he scratched his neck, trying to remove the invisible hands around it. The rest of the world went blank. it was only him and them now. 
All the crying, the begging went to nowhere. They wouldn't stop. 

Surely, the loud banging on the door didn't reach their ears, whoever was inside the Enderby resident. Theodore tried the doorknob and the wooden door opened in one go. He went near the door from where all the crying and screaming were coming from. He knocked on the door. "Hello?" 
The loud crash of a glass shattering made Theodore go inside without seeking any permission. And what he saw inside made him go numb, shocked, depressed, guilty, - you name it. Because inside, there was Alec, sitting on his knees, trying to slit open his wrist with a piece of his shattered mirror. 
One part of Theodore was yelling at him to go help his friend, to stop the guy who was so deep into his own sorrows that he had shut the world off and didn't know that somebody else was present in his room, while the other part was still absorbing the fact that Alec was sitting there, self harming.
" S-stop, please. Please." He sobbed to no one.
Theodore's mind seemed to click at that and he quickly went forward and threw the piece of glass from Alec's hand. 
Alec still didn't acknowledge Theodore's presence; he was busy scratching his neck with his nails. 

Somebody gripped Alec's sides and hugged him, preventing him from shaking violently. His sobs turned into hiccups. His breathing became normal and slowly his brain started functioning. He was sitting on somebody's lap, while that person held onto him and kept whispering soothing words. 

"Ssh, it's okay. you'll be okay..."  

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