Adoring Theodore

A BoyxBoy story- teen love.


8. Terms And Conditions

"So you going to the school trip this Saturday?" Alec asked as he drank his orange juice. 
It was lunch time and Theodore and Alec were sitting under their tree like usual. 
Theodore shrugged in response." Maybe. Are you?" He tried his best not to sound desperate because Alec would be the only reason for him to go to the trip. 
"If you are." 
Theodore blushed a fifty shades of grey but smiled nonetheless.

After school, both the boys found themselves on Theodore's bed, sitting Indian style. Alec was busy drawing something on his sketchbook, while Theodore scribbled down the terms and conditions as they decided to share the tent with each other.

"Done!" Theodore exclaimed all of a sudden making Alec break away from his gaze. 
"Let me see what you've written." Alec leaned in closer beside Theodore to see the lists. 
Theodore shivered a bit, noticing the distance between them but, he recovered and managed to move the notebook out of view before Alec could see it. "Not before I see what you've been drawing." 
Alec muttered something under his breath before showing him the sketch. 
It was of a guy who was sitting cross legged, with a notebook on lap, writing on it. There wasn't any face to the figure. 
"That me or you?"
Alec shrugged. "Your turn."

Terms and conditions: 
1. No 'are you there, moriarty?' 
2. Separate sleeping begs.

Alec smirked, cocking an eyebrow. Theodore groaned." Ugh, Alec, focus!"

3. No flirting.
4. No getting drunk. 
5. No nudity Claus.

Alec clutched his stomach tightly as he doubled over laughing. Theodore's face couldn't get any redder. 
"You're taking One Day too seriously, Theodore." Alec said between laughter. 
"Shut up." Theodore grumbled. 
"Did you even write anything serious in this?" 
Theodore managed a small glare at Alec at that which made him roll over in laughter again. 
"I think I'll survive without this." Alec said, a playful smirk tugging his lips. 
"Seriously though, I'm serious about rule two, three, four and five."
Alec leaned towards Theodore again, whispering in Theodore's ear," are you sure, Theo?" 
Theodore gulped. "Yes," , he said meekly. 
"We'll see." Alec winked at Theodore and was gone.

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