Adoring Theodore

A BoyxBoy story- teen love.


1. Red-Sweater-Guy

"But, mom, it's raining!" Theodore whined from his room, upstairs," you're supposed stay under the soft blankets in your bed in rainy days!"
"You don't want me to come upstairs and pull you by the ear all the way to the store, do you?" 
Theodore trudged halfway down the staircase and said," calm your tits women."
His mom just rolled her eyes in response as he put his waterproof boots on. 
Tracey raised an eyebrow and questioned her son when he opened the door to step out without his raincoat or umbrella. 
Theodore shrugged and opened the garage. 

"Theo! Get under this umbrella, right now!" His mother bellowed as she stood outside the supermarket, done with her shopping while he twirled around on the parking lot, completely drenched from the rain. 
The red sweater hugged Theodore and the cold was eating him but, he shrugged it away. 
Theodore wasn't much of an outside-person. But once he was outside while it's raining, nothing could stop him.
Tracey marched up to him and yanked him by the elbow under her umbrella. 
Theodore looked down at his mother, with a smile never leaving his face. "Dance with me, mommy." 
The short, white woman sighed. " get in the car Theo. Now. I'm driving." 
Theodore only pouted. 
"Don't give me that look, mister." 

The boy watched the mother and son in amusement. That teenage boy surely knew how to behave like a five year old. He waited inside his car for his sister to finish her shift in the store. The boy in red sweater had his curly hair sticking to his forehead. His eyes were closed and he was grinning the widest grin possible, forming dimples across his cheeks. The tight black-or it could be blue?- stuck to his thin legs, showing off the curves as he twirled around... 
"Hi!" His sister puffed as she slumped down on the passenger sit next to him, making him look away from the red-sweater-guy. 
"Oh, hi." 
"Hungry? I'm starving. Let's grab a burger before heading home?" 
"Sure." He said, the smile of the red-sweater-guy not leaving his mind.

"God, help me with this boy." Tracey murmured as she dried Theodor's hair with a towel, frantically. 
"Mom, I'm f-fine..." Theodore managed out as he sneezed, for the seventy-sixth time. 
Theodore nodded, his face brightening up at the sound of food. But, his happiness was short lived as his face scrunched up for another sneeze. 
He sat in his living room's couch, wrapped in five warm blankets. 
The single mother and son had moved a day ago to the crappy town of Ingo. Their tiny two bedroom apartment was filled with unopened boxes and their furniture were a day late to arrive. 
Theodore was soon knocked out after drinking the soup his mom made for him. 
Big day tomorrow.

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