Adoring Theodore

A BoyxBoy story- teen love.


6. Never Leave Your Side

Theodore blushed seeing their position in bed. Alec had his head on his chest. His hands were wrapped around Theodore's waist and their legs were a tangled mess. The sun couldn't be seen through the window which meant he still had time to get back to his apartment before his mom returned from her shift. 
Without waking Alec up, he slowly tried to escape but the mumble from him, stopped Theodore. He strained his ears to listen to the boy. " You said something, Alec?" 
" Stay." Was all Alec said before snuggling up closer to Theodore. 
Theodore's cheeks warmed up even more, if that was possible. He nodded numbly, unable to resist the adorable, sleeping boy. 

Alec blushed seeing their position in bed. He had his head on Theodores chest. His hands wrapped around the other boy's waist and their legs a tangled mess. Alec slowly woke up, trying his best to not wake up his friend. He checked his alarm, 6:54 am. No wonder it didn't ring. 
He started walking towards his wardrobe to get his clothes when he noticed his shattered mirror.
The questions struck his head. What happened last night? Why was he cuddling with Theodore? Why on earth was he here, anyways? Did he see him in one of his episodes? 
He resisted the urge to wake Theodore up and went to the bathroom to freshen up. 

The water was still running. Alec was taking longer than any normal person in the bathroom. Should Theodore try asking if he was alright? 
Just then Alec emerged, wrapped in a towel, only. Theodore blushed looking at him and saw that Alec was as uncomfortable as he was in the situation. 
"I...I, uh, was just l-leaving." Theodore stuttered before walking to the door.

"Wait." Alec'voice was harsh. He mentally slapped himself when saw the other boy wince at his word. 
" I want to know what happened." 

Alec's voice was demanding and Theodore gave in instantly, not leaving a single detail. He said how he was trying to do his homework and heard the screams. Alec groaned when he heard his deeds the previous night. "I'm so sorry you had to see me like that." 
Theodore managed a weak smile. " What are friends for?" He turned towards the door again when he remembered something. 
" Where was Liza last night?" He knew about Alec's mother so decided not to ask about her.
" In some bar, getting drunk, probably," ,Alec said without any emotion. 
" Oh." Theodore didn't know how to ask his next question." Does she know that you, that you, uh..."

Somebody jumped on Alec's back and he rolled at Theodore's childishness while holding his thighs tightly so he wouldn't fall off. 
" Did you do your English assignment?" Theodore asked.
Alec shook his head in response.
" You know you should try something different other than reading your novels, sometimes. It's not that bad." Theodore giggled. Seriously, giggled! Though he pulled it off really well. He sounded almost adorable...Alec shook his thoughts away. 
He didn't care about his grades. He just wanted to get out of the hell of school. 

At lunch Alec said that he'll buy lunch for the both of them and that Theodore could go to the banyan tree and he'd follow.

After the endless lines of students, Alec finally got their food and headed outside. He looked down at the food in his hands hungrily. He's stomach grumbled in sync.

Almost near the tree, he saw three towering figures standing in front of a whimpering Theodore. The packets, containing food, dropped from his hands. All hunger vanished, his blood boiled in anger. Alec's hands balled in fists, he growled, " what the hell is going on here?!"

The boys backed away a little, seeing an angry Alec approaching them.
Alec asked Theodore," Them troubling you?" 
Theodore gulped before nodding a little. The leader of the pack, seeing Theodore's little acton fumed, " You little fa..."

Alec didn't let the guy finish his sentence before grabbing him by his throat. He tried his best not to kill the guy at the moment. 
The guy was a lot taller and bigger than Alec was but, his intimidating nature was enough to make anybody piss in their pants. 
The guy was choking with his hands around his neck. When Alec decided to leave the guy after an endless begging from Theodore, he said, " Apologize." His voice ice. 
Alec saw Theodore wincing at his word, again, but he decided to ignore. 
" What?! " The boy asked, disgusted.
" Do I need to repeat myself?" If looks could kill, the boy would be ten feet underground. 
"S-sorry." The boy managed before running away with his minions.
Theodore had tear stains on his cheeks. Alec knelt down beside him." Are you okay?" 
Biting his lip, he nodded. He would look sexy doing that, Alec thought, if he wasn't crying a while ago.

Theodore stiffened a bit at the sudden contact of Alec's arms around him. 
" I'm so sorry I left you alone. I should've remembered that this school is filled with bullies. I'm sorry I couldn't take care of you."
Grudgingly pulling away from the hug, Theodore looked Alec in the eyes. He gave him a weak smile. He couldn't bear seeing him like that.
" I'll be fine as long as I have you beside me."
" I promise I'll never leave your side." 

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