Adoring Theodore

A BoyxBoy story- teen love.


2. Hi, neighbour!

Alec woke up gasping for breathe, his forehead coated with cold sweat. The silhouettes were back in his dreams. He clutched his throat to make sure there were actually no fists around it. 
Alec was wrong. He needed those pills. He needed them for behaving like a normal being. He had thought that maybe he could do without them, that maybe he could learn to control himself. But he was wrong. The silhouettes were everywhere. Reaching for his bedside table, he grabbed the bottle and swallowed some of the colourful pills. 
He grabbed an old sweatshirt and a plain black t-shirt and headed for shower, his heartbeat a bit at a normal pace after taking the pills.

" Mom, There's no milk!" Theodore shouted to his mom, as he rummaged through the grocery bag and found a pack of some kind of a cereal.
" Shit," Tracey cursed as she ran her fingers through her frizzy hair," I forgot to buy milk yesterday."
" Language, woman, " Theodore snickered," Don't worry though, I think I'll manage something."

The doorbell rang, startling Alec, as he was drying his hair with his towel. Who could it be this early in the morning?
"Liz, get the door!"
" Fuck you, too, Alec Benjamin Ederby!" Liza shouted from her room, both hands busy perfecting the already perfect mascara.
Alec rolled his eyes wondering why he had even asked her when he knew the answer, by heart.
Still drying his hair, Alec opened the door to find a very cheerful red-sweater-guy in front him.
His heart skipped a beat.

Theodore scratched the back of his neck and smiled his billion dollar smile," Hi, neighbour! Nice to meetcha!"

Alec stood there and blinked. Neighbour? Interesting. Looking the boy up and down, he noticed he was in his boxers and an oversized t-shirts. The boxers ended on his thighs, so his thin legs were visible...

Theodore cleared his throat feeling insecure that he was getting eye-raped by his neighbour.
The boy looked up to his eye quickly, his cheeks showing a tad bit of pink
" I, uh, was asking if I could get some mlk?" Theodore asked for the second time.
The boy nodded his head frantically while disappearing from view. 

" Could, you get that boy whatever he wants? I've got something to do." Alec asked his sister, hoping she would agree. He had already done a very embarrassing first impression of himself n front of him. He couldn't afford to do another stupidity. 
Liza cocked an eyebrow, but agreed nonetheless without questioning him. 

"Hey, neighbour!" Theodore greeted his awkward neighbour for the second time that day. Although, he was checking Theodore shamelessly, he didn't seem like a bad guy. And anyway, his sister was quite sweet, calling him 'hot-stuff' at their first meeting.
The awkward neighbour looked up from his feet to see a car stop beside him. The driver was the red-sweater-guy.
" Uh, hi?" His greeting was more sort of a question. 
" Where you headed?" Theodore asked. He spared a moment to socialize, even though he knew that he was probably getting late for school.
" School?" Again, his statement sounded like a question. 
" Ingo Badlands Highschool?" 
The neighbour nodded.
" Hop in." 

This was going to be a long day, Alec mumbled to himself.
" Sorry?" The red-sweater-guy asked.
" Nothing."
" Myself, Theodore by the way." 
" Alec."

Theodore double-checked his decision of giving the guy a lift while Alec prayed for not being stupid in front of his neighbour. Again.

Yup, gonna be a long day indeed.


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