Adoring Theodore

A BoyxBoy story- teen love.


7. Date?

To say that Alec was shocked to see Theodore in the store, would be the most honest answer. He didn't even remember telling him he worked here. And than it struck him; how stupid of Alec to think that Theodore was here for him- the store, he worked was the nearest one from were they both lived. 
He took his time checking him out. Theodore was wearing a tight dark green t-shirt, sleeves rolled with a black and white scarf tied around his neck, with a pair of black skinny jeans. He looked really good with his curls falling on his eyes. 
Theodore's eyes seem to search for a certain thing- or someone. When his gaze finally met Alec's, he's face instantly brightened up. 
"Hey, handsome." Theodore greeted as he came up to the counter where Alec stood. Alec's face and ears went warm, but keeping it cool, he rolled his eyes." Hey yourself."
Theodore chucked. Again. 
"Needed something?" Alec asked, trying to sound casual while he's stomach was busy doing back flips. 
"Nah, thought I'll give you company till your shift ends." 
"Thanks, I guess." 
"No problem," Theodore said, his adorable smile not leaving his lips," we could go for some ice-cream afterwards. What say?" 
Like a date? Theodore thought. 
Though Theodore hated sweet food, he nodded. He was sure Theodore could see his flushed face, 'cause he smirked. 
"How'd you know I work here, anyways?" Alec asked. 
"Liza told me." 

The ice cream parlour was quite empty if you didn't count Theodore, Alec and the boy in the counter, who was watching the two boys, amused. 
"Seriously, how can you eat so much of that stuff?" Alec asked, wrinkling his nose as Theodore started his twelfth bowl," it's so sweet." 
"Hey!" Alec exclaimed, as Theodore threw a spoon full of ice cream at him. 
"Don't you dare say bull about ice cream, mister. Or the next time, there'll be a bowl instead of spoon, flying at you." Theodore feign-fumed. 
Alec just rolled his eyes. Although he couldn't even finish one bowl of vanilla ice cream, he was really enjoying his time with Theodore. 
When, finally, Alec managed to pull Theodore out of the shop, it was dark outside. 
"It's night?!" 
Theodore giggled at Alec, who narrowed his eyes playfully. 
"This is like the déjà-vu of the time when the rabbit and fox went to that office and when they came out, it was night. Only here I'm the fox and you're the rabbit." Theodore giggled again. When he saw the confusion plastered on Alec's face, he decided to explain further," in zootopia I mean." 
Alec, who had absolutely had no freakish idea about what Theodore was going on about, smiled at the gleeful expression on Theodore's face.

"So, what do we do now? Go back home?" Theodore asked, although his heart was suggesting something else. As if knowing what he wanted, Alec shook his head. 
"What a second." Alec began tapping a few buttons on his phone before 'Perfect' by Ed Sheeran started playing.

Theodore looked around the empty street they were standing in. 
Alec gave out his hands. "May I?" 
Theodore's head took moments to sync everything in. Alec Benjamin Enderby was asking him to dance with him. 
He gingerly took Alec's hands, who put them around his neck as he wrapped his once around Theodore's waist. They started swaying along with the music. 
The street light highlighted them both in their own imaginary stage. They stared at each other, taking in every curve, every freckle every bits and pieces, every detail.

Not knowing what it was
I will not give you up this time
But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own
And in your eyes you're holding mine

Baby, I'm dancing in the dark with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath
But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight

Theodore was looking at Alec differently. It was one of those expressions which he couldn't figure out even if he wanted. Alec's breath hitched when Theodore leaned a bit towards his face. But he pulled back immediately when he noticed Alec. Alec mentally slapped himself or ruining the perfect moment. He decided to make up for his mistake.
Taking a deep breathe, he closed his eyes and leaned forward. 
The kiss was teasingly short lived. Just a peck. Yet Alec still felt the presence of Theodore's soft lips on his. He wanted more. He needed more.

They stared at each other, as Theodore removed his hands from Alec's neck and cupped his face with them. Leaning down he gently pressed his lips against Alec's. It lasted longer than before but wasn't anything near heated kisses. It was beautiful, sweet and simple.

Holding each other's hands they walked their twenty minutes walk home, both grinning like idiots and occasionally stealing glances at each other.

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