Adoring Theodore

A BoyxBoy story- teen love.


4. Banyan Tree

In the evening Theodore knocked the door of the Enderby resident. He had forgotten his history book in school and has an upcoming test the next day. And although he felt a tad bit of sad when Alec didn't invite him inside, he didn't show it.

Theodore came up in the evening asking for Alec's history book. He had given him the book without hesitating because he had studied for the test a week ago- call him a nerd. And although Theodore seemed a bit upset, Alec decided to shrug it off saying that he'll be meeting him tomorrow.

The silhouette weren't there in Alec's dream at night; neither were the hands around his neck. Instead he dreamt something different. Something quite weird, even for him, even though he was gay. He dreamt of two guys making on his bed. 
Not so surprisingly the next morning, Alec felt his southern (not do southern) part of his body wet. Now, you couldn't blame 'cause, after all, he's a guy. 
Groaning in frustration he got up to clean the  mess he created. 
All ready to go, Alec opened the door to find a grinning Theodore. He was wearing an oversized pink sweater and skinny, maroon jeans, showing of his curvy legs. Alec wasn't really paying attention to whatever Theodore was saying as he was busy checking him out.

"Let's go!" Theodore announced happily. He turned towards the staircase but noticed Alec not following him. 
"Where?" Alec blinked. 
Theodore laughed and said," to school, dummy. Come on, we'll be late."
" together?" 
" like yesterday?"

First period was arts, again. The both boys blushed furiously at the previous day's memories. 
The topic was same as yesterday's so Alec decided to do something different. He tried his best to remember every single detail from the picture framed on the wall of his mother's room.

Theodore had finished his charcoal portrait of him. He was quite content with it, to be honest. He loved the texture he managed to create. He sighed happily and went to Alec.

"Your parents?" Theodore asked from behind Alec,almost startling him, again. 
Alec nodded in response. 
"Haven't seem them around though." 
"Father died when I was twelve. Mom's an alcoholic. She stays out most days." 
He's voice didn't come out shaky as he thought it would. 
Theodore gave his shoulders a gentle squeeze at which Alec blushed.
"I'm so sorry."
"It's okay, you had to know it eventually, anyways. What about you? What have you drawn?"

It was Theodore's turn to blush. He nodded in the direction of his canvas. Alec looked confused looking at it, though he was also mesmerised by the beauty of it. 
Theodore decided to explain.
"It's Troye Sivan."
"The singer?" Alec asked, looking absolutely breathtaking, biting his lip. 
Theodore blushed again.
"Yeah, I have this massive crush on him."

Theodore But how didn't Alec get to know? He should've guessed. But he didn't behave like that...okay. Maybe he did and Alec never noticed...

" I know what you're thinking, and you're right, I'm gay." 
"Oh." And that was probably, no not probably, it was the stupidest reply Alec had ever given. 
"And I know you are, too."

The look on Alec's face was enough to make Theodore almost die out of laughter. He was so taken aback! After regaining himself, Alec gave Theodore a flat look. 
"What's so funny?" 
Theodore just nodded his head, still laughing.

At lunch break, Alec got his usual insults but he ignored them, although Theodore looked confused why he was being treated like that. 
Alec was grateful of Theodore not asking him any question about it. 
After taking their food with themselves, they headed outside, like they had done the previous day. 
It was a bit windy.
They both sat under the banyan tree, which according to stories was around a hundred years old. The grass was wet but they didn't mind as they were sitting on Alec's jacket; and that meant both of them were sitting extremely close.

Done with their lunch, Theodore thought of having a quick nap but, he than remembered a question that he wanted to ask Alec. 
"So you're still in closet, huh?" 
Alec stiffened at the question but eventually answered, "yeah. What about you?" 
" I don't really know a lot of people, hell, the only people I know are my mom and you, and the both if you are already aware. So, yeah. And anyway I think staying in closet is stupid. like, come on, how long can you be someone you're not? How long can you pretend? How long can you not except the person you are? It's just all dumb to me. But than again, I'm just saying what I think. What my opinion is, so..." 
Theodore looked at Alec who was snoring lightly, his head resting in his shoulder. He never realised when Alec snuggled up this close to him. Than Alec put his hands around Theodore's body while his legs strangled Theodore's ones. 
Theodore thought that Alec looked beautiful while he slept. Not that he didn't when he was awake, just that the sleeping Alec looked more peaceful. And at that moment, Theodore knew that Troye Sivan wasn't the only person he had a crush on.

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