Teen Wolf

Scott McCall is your average teenager in school but his life turns around to something more interesting...


1. Not a great start

Scott McCall has just arrived home from a long hard day at school, when suddenly he hears scuttling or scratching on his balcony! Scott goes out with a baseball bat, then out of nowhere his best friend Stiles Stilinski scares Scott whilst hanging upside down from Scott's balcony roof.Scott nearly hits him with the baseball bat he had in his hand!

'Stiles what are you doing?!' whispers Scott because it was 10:00 at night.

'You weren't answering your phone!' Stiles pointed out. Scott looks at him with confusion as to ask what he wants.

'Well, what do you want?' Scott asked.

'My dad says there is a dead body in the woods.' Whispered Stiles.

'And?' Scott said as he moved closer. 'So, haven't they already found it?'

'That's the thing.' Stiles said interestingly 'The body was cut in half and they have only found part of it!'

'So....' Scott didn't see the point of Stiles telling him this.

'So we are going to go find the other half.....' Stiles blurted out.

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