Becoming British

Harry Styles tells the word in an interview that he would only ever date a British girl. That strikes 100% American, Velvet Chase to prove this him wrong. Can Harry possibly fall for another girl who isn't British, can Velvet possibly master a British accent


1. Story Info

Velvet Chase has always looked up to Harry styles ever since she saw him audition for Ex Factor, you could say he was her biggest hero and that she had a small crush on him. But when Harry tells the world that he would only and ever be interested in dating a British girl, leaves Velvet furious. How could someone she looked up to her whole entire life be so rude. As a 100% American girl she takes offense to this, and makes it her duty to prove Harry wrong. Velvet travels to London in hopes to meet the clueless man and give him a word or two. But who knew a spilled coffee a new mutual friends could actual make this happen, could harry possibly like a girl who completely wasn't his type.

This story will be updated twice a week starting tomorrow, depending on my business it may be updated more.

Amazing cover made by NameFromGraves

This stories ideas came from me so please don't steal them

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