Becoming British

Harry Styles tells the word in an interview that he would only ever date a British girl. That strikes 100% American, Velvet Chase to prove this him wrong. Can Harry possibly fall for another girl who isn't British, can Velvet possibly master a British accent


2. Chapter 1

"Velvet hurry up the interview will start any second" Carly yelled from the living room.

"I'm coming the popcorn only has 30 seconds left" I explained bouncing back and forth on either leg. Who knew 30 seconds was such a long time when you were in a rush.

Harry styles was about to have a exclusive interview with some British tv host. I've been waiting for this for 3 weeks. I guess you could say Carly and I were hardcore fangirls, but we weren't  that crazy right, who wouldn't love harry styles.

The microwave finally beeped, thank goodness I might make it in time. Wait why did I even make popcorn, we don't even like it that much anyway. I stopped my rambling thoughts and jogged into the kicked to join Carly on the couch.

"Its starting" she yelled before both of us screamed with excitement, before falling quiet to hear every word they say.

"Hello Harry how are you dear" the interviewer asked. She was a middle aged woman probably in her early 50's and she had a British accent as expected.

"Its good Bonnie, thanks for asking" he answered politely. Before giving a wink at the camera, which made both of us awe.

"Now Harry I have a few questions picked by girls around the world. They voted on them last night and I'm going to ask you the top five" she explained, catching my attention. I did not know of any contest of questions, maybe I just missed this one. I thought frowning, Carly shared the same look.

"Okay shoot" Harry exclaimed with a killer smile. His curly brown hair which had recently been cut was now in a spiked up manor, which I personally liked much better than his long messy hair.  Maybe it was just me, but I preferred guys who had short hair.

Bonnie started off with a couple stupid questions that you tend to hear a lot. "Why did you cut your hair?" And "What is your favorite color?" I already knew the answer to these, so when he answered it only confirmed my previous thought.

"Could she pick something more genaric" Carly compared flopping upside down on the couch, letting her long red pi. Straight hair spread across the floor.

"I know tell me about it" I confirmed squirming in my seat, not really wanting to watch a over down interview. Man this was hyped up just to be a let down.

"Now Harry here is a question that all of the girls at home want answered." She told him, almost as if she could hear the comments we just made. "What do you look for in a girl and be specific?" She asked handing the microphone to him.

"Erm, I guess" he stuttered before answering "I would want her to be British, someone who came from my home country" he confessed confidently.

Carly fell from her upside down position, and I gasped. He did not just say that. I pulled out my phone to look at my twitter account, everyone was already buzzing about this.

" That's honestly kinda shallow" Carly announced with a frown. I nodded my head in agreement.

"You know what,I always did like Niall better" she muttered before going on about Harry wasn't that hot anyway.

I however didn't get over it that fast, Harry had been my idol ever since he first appeared on Ex Factor. I've allways looked up to him, he managed to make his dream a reality and look cool while doing so.

For him to say something as stupid as that was terrible. Maybe he has had a bad experience with people outside of his home area, but that shouldn't make him cross us off the list. What if his true love was from America and he literally told her "I love you, but you're American so I can't marry you" that would be ridiculous.

"You know what someone should give Harry a piece of their unbritish minds" I yelled to Carly who was now on the phone changing her Facebook status to I'm going marry Niall instead of Harry .

"Ya sure, whatever" she mumbled not listening to a word I was saying. But I didn't care I had a mission now, and nobody was going to stop me.

I was going to make Harry Styles change his mind about, US girls out there who aren't British. Now where is my laptop I need to buy a one way ticket to London.


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