Four young boys are accused with robbery. one of them with murder, Hanging in Britain was still prevalent at that time. Can one of them escape the hangman's noose?'
Ruby White the petite honey blonde who works in a chemist shop spends her lunch break reading poetry in the local library. it is there that she meets Richard Llewellyn Shaw a writer and poet from Wales who has come to the North East to write a book. A relationship develops even though he is eight years her senior.
Then there is Jessie Longworth who has been saddled with looking after her father who is in the early stages of dementia. She is unable to cope with looking after her father, and her family and asks her brother Edward if he will take her father for a while. Joe Corder is an ex-dock worker. He worked hard all his life and gives his son his savings to help him start his own business. He meets Elizabeth who comes from a well to do family who all look down on Jessie and her father. She will not have him in her home.


79. 79

By then Ruby had drank six glasses of wine and didn’t care anymore; she was feeling quite inebriated she wasn’t drunk but she knew that she’d had a good bit to drink. Her mother and Bronwyn were singing away to the old war songs by Vera Lynn and Gracey Fields as everyone joined in to We’ll Meet Again. She had never seen her mother so happy since her father had died. When the landlord had decided that he’d had enough he opened the doors and the packed bar bowled out onto the street. They walked up the road holding onto one another. Ruby was hanging onto Richard’s arm as they headed towards his house.

“Have you enjoyed yourself then Ruby?’

“Yes it has certainly been an experience.’

Gareth and his father were still singing as they got to the gate arm in arm they walked up the path and Dfan put the key in the door and opened it.

“I thought Gareth had a game later today.’

“He does and he will be the soberest one of the lot of us I bet you on that.’

Betty thanked Bronwyn over and over before Ruby took her to bed. Richard retired soon after leaving Gareth and his father talking about Rugby.’

Richard passed Ruby on the stairs and he whispered I’m sorry but I’m going to slobber over you for a moment. “I love you Ruby and I want the whole world to know It.’ you are the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever seen.’ I want you to marry me Ruby White what do you say?’

He kissed her softly on the lips and waited for an answer.’

“Ask me again tomorrow when you are sober and I will give you an answer Richard.’

Richard turned disappointedly to his bedroom door and then went into his bedroom threw his jacket to one side and collapsed onto the bed and just lay there. Ruby saw him lying on the bed sprawled out. She went in and removed his shoes and his suit trousers then covered him with a blanket. She folded his suit trousers and hung them up along with his jacket; then she undid his tie and his shirt so that he only had his vest and underwear on an once again covered him over. He turned to face her then tried to pull her to him but she backed away.

“Make love to me Ruby, I want you so.’

“Not tonight Richard, you go to sleep.’ Ruby turned out the light and then went to her room where her mother was fast asleep and snoring very loudly.

She undressed then got in beside her mother and closed her eyes but sleep would not come. She could hear Gareth and his father talking down stairs and it was another hour before they decided to go to bed.

The house fell silent she thought as she fell asleep herself; oblivious to the snoring that was going on in every room.


The next morning her tongue was dry and she felt like a train had hit her head she put on her dressing gown and came down stairs. Bronwyn was up making breakfast for Gareth who was up with the larks and as Richard had said as sober as a judge.

“Enjoy yourself last night Ruby said Bronwyn?’

“Yes, I did Mrs Shaw.’ Is it always like that at weekends?’

“Mostly I would say.’ “I heard Richard ask you to marry him last night.’

“He was drunk Mrs Shaw.’

“A drunken man cannot tell a lie.’

“My son loves you alright; the question is do you love him?’

Ruby looked at Richard’s mother and sat next to her at the table and took her hand. “I love your son like he is the very air that I breathe. Without him I would surly die.’

He makes me happy when I am with him, and I am sad when he is not around.’

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