Four young boys are accused with robbery. one of them with murder, Hanging in Britain was still prevalent at that time. Can one of them escape the hangman's noose?'
Ruby White the petite honey blonde who works in a chemist shop spends her lunch break reading poetry in the local library. it is there that she meets Richard Llewellyn Shaw a writer and poet from Wales who has come to the North East to write a book. A relationship develops even though he is eight years her senior.
Then there is Jessie Longworth who has been saddled with looking after her father who is in the early stages of dementia. She is unable to cope with looking after her father, and her family and asks her brother Edward if he will take her father for a while. Joe Corder is an ex-dock worker. He worked hard all his life and gives his son his savings to help him start his own business. He meets Elizabeth who comes from a well to do family who all look down on Jessie and her father. She will not have him in her home.


77. 77

“Thanks mam.’ I’ll be back about five o’clock.’

“Richard is a very good cook isn’t he mam said Ruby.’

Yes,’ he’s a great cook he could easily open up a restaurant of his own.’

“He had a very good teacher in his mother said Dfan.’ Bronwyn is one fine cook I tell you.’

“Richard has real talent as a writer too said Ruby.’

“Well it was not the profession I would have chosen; said his stepfather as he well knows; but enough said about It.’Dfan and Richards brother did not mention his writing at all throughout the meal which surprised Ruby; who thought that they would be proud of his achievements.

“Now then Dfan we’ll have less of that talk at the table if you please said Bronwyn.’ you know we don’t talk about our Richard like that in ‘ere

“Alright mother, I’m sorry replied Gareth.’

 Dfan lit up his pipe and it reminded Richard that he’d brought his mother and stepfather a gift so he excused himself then went to the car then returned with them.

“Here I forgot to give you this last night.’

He gave his mother the chocolates first then his father the pipe tobacco.

“Thank you son said his mother and his stepfather nodded as he puffed away.’

“We have been invited to the Community Centre this afternoon where there will be music and food laid on by the whole street it’s a Harvest Festival. You will enjoy it I’m sure.’ Ruby and I are going for a walk in the hills after breakfast mam.

“You will be careful up there Richard won’t you and be back before two o’clock won’t you?’

“Yes mam we’ll be back.’

Betty helped to clear the table then washed up the breakfast dishes as Gareth prepared himself for his run. Ruby wondered how he could run after eating all of that food but when he left and went hurtling up the hill she understood why a man of his stature would need a lot of calories.

Ruby went to the bathroom; she took out her toothbrush and some Gibbs tooth powder and wet the end of the brush then dipped it inside the tin. She spent a good five minutes cleaning her teeth because the bacon had got stuck between her teeth and it was irritating her.

She put on a warm sweater then Richard came into her room and gave her some woollen socks to put on. He also gave her some garters to put over her boots to stop the mud from caking into her trousers. They set off at nine o’clock together on a familiar path that Richard had walked many times before. They walked along to Mynydd and then onto Taff Vale it was a nice walk with some lovely views along the route.

“It must be nice to just come out of your house and enjoy a nice country walk.’

“That is why I like the cottage too; it’s where you come face to face with nature and all of its elements.’ They walked through the wooded area which led them to another path that would lead them back the way they had come. Once at the top there was a lovely view right across the valley. Richard found a wall and he and Ruby sat chatting for about an hour.’ “Why do your father and brother dislike you writing when clearly you have a fantastic talent for it?’

“Wales is a mining community Ruby; everyone around ‘ere is a miner or son of a miner see.’

“Because I chose to be a writer the community compare me with other great Welsh writers and poets. That is why I moved to the cottage.’ I just wanted to be myself and not be like someone else.’

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