Four young boys are accused with robbery. one of them with murder, Hanging in Britain was still prevalent at that time. Can one of them escape the hangman's noose?'
Ruby White the petite honey blonde who works in a chemist shop spends her lunch break reading poetry in the local library. it is there that she meets Richard Llewellyn Shaw a writer and poet from Wales who has come to the North East to write a book. A relationship develops even though he is eight years her senior.
Then there is Jessie Longworth who has been saddled with looking after her father who is in the early stages of dementia. She is unable to cope with looking after her father, and her family and asks her brother Edward if he will take her father for a while. Joe Corder is an ex-dock worker. He worked hard all his life and gives his son his savings to help him start his own business. He meets Elizabeth who comes from a well to do family who all look down on Jessie and her father. She will not have him in her home.


54. 54

“How very observant of you Ruby; Richard laughed and told her that he’d had it installed when he moved in. The bath was a converted cattle trough that had been shot blasted and then enamelled. It was deep and could easily fit two people.

“Can we take a bath now?’

“If you like Ruby, why not.’

Ruby ran back to the bathroom and turned on the hot tap then came back to the bed room and picked up her clothes and placed them onto a chair then she lay next to Richard with her head resting onto his chest.

“Oh Richard I love you; you have made me so happy.’

Richard stroked her shoulder as she reached up and kissed him.’

“I never though it could be like this, just you and me.’

“You will soon tire of me darling and start nagging me; Just like my mother nags my stepfather.’

“I could never do that.’ “I cannot wait to meet you mam and dad.’

“You will love them they are the salt of Gods earth.’

“Is it a cottage that they live in too?’

“No it is a house not dissimilar to yours really.’ They live in a street with houses on both sides except there are fields and mountains behind them.’

“It must be lovely to wake up to every morning and look out onto the lovely view.’

It’s like taking a different picture every day with a camera Ruby as the weather changes as no two days are the same.’ There will be snow up on the mountain soon.’

“Will we take a walk in the hills whilst we are there?’

“Yes, but first I want to show you off to all my friends and neighbours. Mam will have told them all by now and they will all come out to meet you.’

“Come on let us take a bath before the water over flows.’

They both got up from the bed and walked into the bathroom. The water was more than half full as Richard tried it with his hand before adding more cold water. He placed some salts into the water then found the soap, a flannel, and a sponge.

Richard stepped in first and the water came up to his knees then he held Ruby’s hand as she got in.

Standing in front of him naked and unashamed she sat down in the water that covered her shoulders.’

“Oh Richard this is fantastic; our tin bath at home the water barely covers you.’ Richard sat the opposite way so they were facing each other. Ruby washed herself with the sponge then used the flannel on her face. Then she playfully splashed Richard with water so he soaked the sponge and threw it at her. She tried to get him back but slipped on top of him she was now lying prone upon him. Richard pulled her up to him and then kissed her. His hands felt her parted buttocks and once again the warm glow in the pit of her stomach began again as they made love in the bath.

When it was over Richard emptied the bath and found them large bath towel.

They dried each other then stood in each others arms neither wanting to be parted from the other. They sat on a rug by the log burning stove. Ruby lay with her back pressed into his shoulders.

“I’m going to have to take you home soon he said.’

“I know and I don’t want to leave you; it has been so perfect.’

“I must or I will be in trouble with your mother.’

Ten minutes later and they both were getting ready again. Quickly Ruby fixed her hair up as it was then applied her make up.’

Ruby put on her coat as Richard slipped into his. Then they both got into the car.

Ruby had come to the cottage as a young girl and was now leaving as a woman.

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