Four young boys are accused with robbery. one of them with murder, Hanging in Britain was still prevalent at that time. Can one of them escape the hangman's noose?'
Ruby White the petite honey blonde who works in a chemist shop spends her lunch break reading poetry in the local library. it is there that she meets Richard Llewellyn Shaw a writer and poet from Wales who has come to the North East to write a book. A relationship develops even though he is eight years her senior.
Then there is Jessie Longworth who has been saddled with looking after her father who is in the early stages of dementia. She is unable to cope with looking after her father, and her family and asks her brother Edward if he will take her father for a while. Joe Corder is an ex-dock worker. He worked hard all his life and gives his son his savings to help him start his own business. He meets Elizabeth who comes from a well to do family who all look down on Jessie and her father. She will not have him in her home.


36. 36

you write you bring all of your senses into the fore. The feeling you get from a first kiss, and the touch of her skin; the smell of her perfume, and the glow in her eyes.

All these things make up the world of a writer and the beauty that lies within.

“I see why you are a writer and I am not.’

Richard drove along the coast, he glanced at the waves as the swept up the shore line and the soft foam, the smell of seaweed was in the air as they passed the Grand hotel and drove on to Cullercoats.

They passed St Georges Church then rounded on to the Dove Marine building Richard looked out to the bay for signs of fishermen but the beach was deserted. One solitary man was using a cane rod and a Scarborough reel to fish for codling, or anything that would make a tasty meal he thought as he pulled in outside of George and Maggie Coopers cottage.

George Answered and asked if they were coming in but Richard declined saying that he’d only come to drop in the game he promised.’

“Well thank you very much Richard.’

“I will pick you up at eleven on Sunday alright.’

Yes, we will be ready for you.

“I must go because I want to go to the light house and get some shots on my camera whilst it is still light enough.’

Maggie came out and waved at them both as Richard turned a beeped the car horn before driving off.’

He followed the road all the way along and he could see the light house ahead.

The white painted beacon stood out on the causeway as they drove past the rondez vous Café that was now closed. They stopped at a nearby car park and then got out and walked along the promenade Richard took her by the hand as he helped her down a small embankment and they walked together up to the light house he was taking shots from different angles hoping to get one that he liked and could use in his book

Which he had called “From Distant Shores” They stood looking up at the magnificent lighthouse as many other people had over the years. Built in 1898 St Mary’s replaced the Salter’s Light House that could still be seen with the naked eye some miles away. It was built on what was known s Bait Island. It took 645 blocks and some 750.000 bricks to build it. The light house was actually built on the site of an 11th century monastic chapel and the monks used lanterns to warn ships of the dangers from the rocky outcrops. They used paraffin lanterns to light up the Causeway, a practice still used until October 1956.

Once they had got what Richard needed from the lighthouse he asked Ruby to direct him to a fish and chip shop. They found one on Albion Road just past the cinema. Richard asked Ruby if she liked going to the cinema.

“We call it the pictures here said Ruby. “ Yes I’ve been to the Regal a few times in Jarrow.’ It’s a bit of a flea pit but cheap enough.’

They stood outside eating their fish and chips out of newspaper. Richard couldn’t eat his fast enough he was starving and they were really hot. He was blowing on them to cool them down. “That will teach you not to go without your lunch said Ruby.’

“My stomach was thinking my throat had been cut.’ its wonders you didn’t here it grumbling away.’

“I did,’ you sounded like a growling bear she laughed.’

It didn’t take Richard long to demolish his food he folded the paper then placed it in the bin outside then used his clean handkerchief to wipe his hands. When Ruby had eaten all she could he passed the hanky to her and finished off the chips she had left.

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