Four young boys are accused with robbery. one of them with murder, Hanging in Britain was still prevalent at that time. Can one of them escape the hangman's noose?'
Ruby White the petite honey blonde who works in a chemist shop spends her lunch break reading poetry in the local library. it is there that she meets Richard Llewellyn Shaw a writer and poet from Wales who has come to the North East to write a book. A relationship develops even though he is eight years her senior.
Then there is Jessie Longworth who has been saddled with looking after her father who is in the early stages of dementia. She is unable to cope with looking after her father, and her family and asks her brother Edward if he will take her father for a while. Joe Corder is an ex-dock worker. He worked hard all his life and gives his son his savings to help him start his own business. He meets Elizabeth who comes from a well to do family who all look down on Jessie and her father. She will not have him in her home.


25. 25

Once the four week induction was over they were then assigned to a house.

There were four houses within the prison. Georges, Andrews, Patricks, and David’s.

The three lads were then segregated and they would not see each other until the end of their sentences. Alan was assigned to Andrew’s, Danny to Georges, and Albert to David’s.

Alan spent his first year working in the Carpenters shop making furniture. Danny was sent to sew mail bags. Albert was sent to the Laundry.

It was whilst Albert was working in the laundry he discovered he had no protection. His cell mate was a convicted homosexual so Albert didn’t confide in him. He was trying to find out who was the daddy on David’s house whilst working on the drying machine one afternoon when four men came in. Albert thought that he was safe working alone.

The four men walked calmly around him blocking his escape they asked him for the laundry that was already ironed and folded. Albert pointed to a large trolley that they used to transport the clean clothing around the prison.

“Hey boy, give us a hand here will you.’ said one of the men and Albert walked into the back of the laundry where he was grabbed. A pillowcase was placed over his head. Albert was dragged to a nearby table screaming “I’ll pay you just leave me alone.’

They undid his trousers and pulled down his white underpants.

“Please. Don’t,’ please pleaded Albert as they slapped his fat buttocks which made him cry out. Then they slapped grease in between his buttocks before each man took turns on him. He tried to fight them off but they held him down until they had all finished. They pulled up their trousers fastened the straps on their bib and brace then left Albert in a heap. His rectum had been torn and was bleeding as he lay crying.

A few minutes later a screw came in and found him. He knew immediately what had happened.

“Look, go and report sick.’ “Pull up your pants and come with me.’

Albert could hardly stand as his legs gave way from under him. The screw called for help and another guard came and they took an arm each and dragged him to the sick bay.

Albert had to have an operation to stitch up his torn anus and internal bleeding.

He was kept on the hospital wing for a week then taken back to his cell. The following month his mother raised ten pounds which he gave to Willie Neil one of the noted hard cases. The men who did this to him would pay he thought as he gave Willie the money then pointed out the men who had raped him.




Spread out on the bed were three outfits that Ruby White had tried on; She couldn’t make her mind up on which one she should wear She had clipped up her hair at the sides and her make up was not over done. She decided on a yellow dress that she had adapted from her sister Connie. She had made a black bow to go just below the neckline. It was a sleeveless dress which had a round neck and two buttons at the back and a zipper. She had a pair of three inch high heels on which made her now look much taller than when she just wore the flat shoes that she wore for work.

She gazed in the full length mirror in her room at herself clutching a black painted leather bag.’

“Hello Richard she rehearsed,’ trying to look sexy.’

“How are you this evening?’

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