SS Heartfilia

A collection of one-shots featuring all major Lucy Heartfilia ships. Includes StiLu, RoLu, NaLu, GraLu, LaLu, GaLu and CoLu.


1. Chqpter 1: RoLu

Rogue turned his head to look at his girlfriend sleeping peacefully beside him. Her long, golden hair was hanging over her face and her breath misted up the car window.
Rogue turned his attention back to the road, and put a CD in. 
As the opening bars of the song played Rogue smiled widely. Twenty one pilots were his absolute favourites, and this song in particular! 
He tapped his fingers on the steering wheel in time to the beat, and a quick glance at Lucy assured him she was still asleep. 
He turned the volume up a bit and started singing along to the song.
'She's the tear in my heart, I'm alive 
She's a tear in my heart, I'm on fire
She's the tear in my heart, Take me higher
Than I've ever been!' 
Lucy woke up, and was immediately aware of a gentle humming sound that told her she was in a car. 
The strong scent of coffee and chocolate on the blanket tucked carefully over her body told her she was still with Rogue. 
Huh, she thought, I must have fallen asleep. 
Suddenly she realised that somebody in the car was singing. She cracked open one eye and had to fight a smile. 
Silent, sullen Rogue, the shadow dragon-slayer, was singing along to the radio and tapping his fingers on the steering wheel in time with the music. 
Wow, he's actually a really good singer Lucy thought, mildly impressed. His voice was like molten chocolate, smooth and rich. 
She was so busy ogling his beautiful face, and listening to him sing softly that she failed to notice the crunch of gravel that meant they were almost at her house.
Rogue's head began to turn towards her and she closed her eyes hastily. 
Oh god, tell me he didn't realise I was awake, she pleaded silently, that would be mortifying! 
Her fears simply melted away as he gently brushed her hair away from her face and kissed her brow. Suddenly she felt herself being lifted by a pair of strong, muscular arms, and she inhaled, smelling chocolate and coffee - her favourite scent. 
Rogue quietly unlocked and opened the front door, before going upstairs and laying her down on her bed. As he turned to leave, Lucy grabbed his hand. 
"You're a really good singer, y'know?" She mumbled sleepily. "Stay. Please?"
Rogue blushed, and let himself be pulled down beside her, kicking off his shoes before lying completely on the bed. Lucy pulled him under the covers and snuggled close. 
"I love you, Rogue." She whispered, her sweet, strawberry-scented breath ruffling his hair,  filling him with joy.
"I love you too, Lucy." He whispered back, kissing her lips tenderly. "You mean the world to me."
Then the two lovebirds fell asleep, holding one another close and smiling.

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