SS Heartfilia

A collection of one-shots featuring all major Lucy Heartfilia ships. Includes StiLu, RoLu, NaLu, GraLu, LaLu, GaLu and CoLu.


2. Chapter 2: CoLu

Cobra walked down the street, kicking an empty soda can out of his way. He headed towards the Fairy Tail guild hall, hoping to drown out all these annoying voices with the buzz of alcohol.
Stupid other dragon-slayers and their stupid flying, talking cats. Stupid Jellal for sending him on that stupid mission to Sabertooth and stupid twin dragons and their stupid boasting!
Lost in angry thoughts, Cobra slammed straight into a pole and swore so loudly that everyone on the street turned to stare at him. He hated attention. 
Continuing his angry march towards the guild of idiots, he returned to his thoughts and scowled at the ground, but this time made sure to watch for poles.
When he reached the guild hall, he slid onto an empty seat at the end of the bar and gestured for the barmaid, a pretty blonde, to come over. 
"Give this to Makarov." He said in a low voice, sliding her an envelope. "It's from Jell-mmph!" His last words were cut off as the attractive woman put a hand over his mouth.
"Shut up! If Erza hears you, she'll never leave you alone!" Lucy grinned at his expression. Though she may not have the magic to hear the thoughts of others, she could tell exactly what he was thinking. "She isn't a dragon-slayer, but if you say his name, I don't know how, but she'll hear you. Trust me on this one."
Picking up a glass and beginning to polish it, Lucy asked nonchalantly "so, I get off work in about 10 minutes, do you want to go the park with me? I haven't seen you in ages, and it'd be nice to catch up where there aren't nosy stupid dragon-slayers that can't mind their own business!" She hissed the last part, which got the now  embarrassed, nosy stupid dragon-slayers to stop listening to the conversation
"I'd love to, Bright Eyes." Cobra replied with a small smile.
"Good, then maybe you can tell me what's wrong." Lucy gave him a knowing look, then turned away to serve the next customer.
Damnit, she knows me too well! Thought Cobra. But, though he didn't normally like people knowing too much about him, he didn't really mind it with her. Strange.
10 minutes later, Lucy and Cobra left the guild and started walking to the park. They walked there in silence, but it wasn't an awkward silence, more of a peaceful one. Although, anything would be considered peaceful compared with the guild hall they'd just left.
When they reached the park, Lucy pulled Cobra over to a bench and sat him down.
"Okay, tell me what's on your mind." She said bluntly.
"Tch, no need to be so forceful Bright Eyes." He replied evasively, but looking at her expression sighed and kept talking. "It's those damned flying cats, that's what! That idiot Jellal sent me to Sabertooth to give Sting a message, but the whole time him and the other one were just boasting about their stupid flying cats.
"Then on my way here, I bumped into Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy. Apparently they found a lead on the dragons' location and were off to check it out. Natsu was asking me why I didn't have an exceed, and Gajeel was just laughing and saying how his Panther Lily was the best. Wendy was fine until they started insulting Carla, and then she started talking about how Carla is the best because she can see the future.
"And to top it all off, I heard that that other 2nd generation, Laxus, has a cat too now! So I'm the only one left!" When he was finished, Cobra was flushed with anger at the other dragon-slayers, and embarrassment at how stupid he sounded.
Lucy was just silent, and then she started laughing at him, which made him blush even more.
"Sh-shut it, Blondie. It's annoying." He muttered.
"Sorry, it's just that this is what Gajeel was like when he didn't have a exceed, Laxus too. I'm sure you'll get one soon." She said reassuringly. 
"For now, why don't we go back to mine. You can stay tonight, since I'm betting you don't have a hotel." At Cobra's smirk she added "no, you're sleeping on the couch, baka." Which made his grin even wider.
"Fine, but just lock your window. I know the fire-breather's out of town, but who knows how long that'll last." Cobra said, and Lucy had to agree with him - she was pretty sure that Natsu had no idea what personal space and privacy even meant.
They got up from the park bench and began to walk back to Lucy's, when the blonde gave a strangled yelp and dropped to the floor. Cobra, who had been walking in front so he could listen to her thoughts without her seeing his blush turned around and was immediately confused. Lucy was lay flat on the ground, and on top of her back was a huge egg. It began to crack, and out fell a baby exceed. 
It's fur was the same colour as Cobra's hair, and it had eyes almost exactly like Lucy's.
Cobra started ginning like a madman and picked up the little exceed, giving it a cuddle. He then offered his Lucy his hand to help her up, which made her blush. He was about to listen to what she was thinking about him when the little exceed started crying. He turned his attention to it and asked Lucy a question he'd been wondering. "Is it a boy or a girl?"
"A girl, I think." Lucy replied, and the baby exceed looked at her with it's big bright eyes.
"Mama!" She cried and struggled out of Cobra's arms to get to Lucy. When Lucy was holding her, she looked back at Cobra. "Dada." She said, slightly less enthusiastically, but that was probably because she was falling asleep.
At the little exceeds first words, Cobra and Lucy just looked at each other and blushed.
Trying to move onto another subject, but failing to find one, Lucy sighed. "You'll be staying for a while now. Natsu told me it took Happy almost 2 years to completely grow up, and if this sweet little girl thinks we're her parents, she'll need both of us or she won't be able to grow properly. I know what it's like to grow up without parents. Without love." Lucy was red from embarrassment, but also had tears in her eyes from the painful memories of those years she spent alone in that cold mansion.
Cobra's expression softened as he heard her thoughts. "I understand." He said carefully, trying not to upset her even more. "But what are we going to do about, ah, living arrangements?" He asked, his face returning to its tomato-like state.
Lucy's complexion was beginning to rival the colour of Erza's hair, and Cobra listened in on her thoughts.
I don't know what I should say, I mean the obvious thing to do would be for us to live at my place, but would that be pushing it? This is already awkward enough and I-
"Geez, Bright Eyes, calm down. We'll live at your apartment until we can buy our own house. After that we can buy somewhere, and even when little Layla has grown up, Crime Sorciere can use it as a base. Being nomads sucks sometimes, you have no idea what I'd give to have some kind of a portable shower lacrima." Cobra suggested.
"That's...not a bad idea but I - Layla?" Lucy asked, confusedly.
"Yeah, Layla. I thought we might as well give her a name." He said, gesturing at the sleeping exceed.
"I-Thank you." Lucy said in a daze. She suddenly threw her free arm around him, making them both blush, and his hand slid into hers as they walked home together. 
When they reached the door, Cobra threw caution to the wind and pulled Lucy in for a kiss, one that she eagerly returned.
"I can hear your thoughts, so I know how you feel, so I'll just say it now. I love you Lucy. I think I've been falling in love with you for a while. Maybe it was the way you would selflessly sacrifice yourself for your nakama without a second thought or maybe it was your bubbly personality or your beautiful smile, but I love you." Cobra said, staring into her eyes.
She stared right back at him, getting lost in his eyes. "I know you can hear how I feel, but I just want to say it. I love you too." She whispered, knowing that he would hear it with his enhanced sense.
They took Layla upstairs, and Lucy made a temporary cot for her until they could buy one.
Then the two lovebirds fell asleep, holding one another close and smiling.

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