New beginnings

Fairy Tail fanfiction
After the war with Alvarez, Lucy Heartfilia becomes close to the remaining members of Crime Sorciere. Upset by her guildmates' attitude towards her new friends, Lucy leaves and joins Crime Sorciere. For four years, neither she or Natsu are seen, and when Natsu suddnly returns from his personal mission, he needs her help.


1. Chapter 1

Magnolia, X794, Lucy's street

It's sunset in the beautiful town of Magnolia, and 20 year old Lucy Heartfilia is on her way back home after an exhausting day at the guild. 
"Ah man, who knew waitressing would be so hard!" She exclaims," I think I've got some chocolate at home that could help me relax though, don'tcha think Plue?" 
The little celestial spirit replies in his usual manner, which makes Lucy smile. Despite all the hardships that the war with Alvarez bought them, they had survived, and were still able to see the good in the world around them. 
Reaching her house, she heard a crash from inside and frowned. Natsu was fishing with Happy this weekend, so she had no clue who it was-but if it was an intruder they were in for one hell of a shock! 
She opened the door as quietly as possibly and followed the sound of voices into one of the downstairs rooms. Tiptoeing down the corridor, she approached the door, readying a Lucy kick for the intruder (hopefully there was only one). 
She threw open the door-and was shocked by what lay before her! Feathers were all over the floor, the couches and the beds were covered as well, and sitting in the middle of the mess were the remaining members of crime sorciere! 
"You-you guys did this! You made all this mess!" Lucy asked with an undertone of incredulity. "But I was here only a few hours had a pillow fight?" The mages before her all nodded guiltily. "How-how could you?" Lucy felt actual tears spring to her eyes, and the guild wizards started to look somewhat alarmed. "You went and had a pillow fight without meeeeeee!" 
Lucy grinned up at them through her fake tears, and they all started laughing-Lucy the loudest of all! "It's great to see you all, but seriously, when did you guys get here?" She enquired. 
Erik stepped forward and grinned at her. "Sorry 'bout the mess, we arrived, what, an hour ago? We thought about going to the guild, but then dumbass over there," he points a finger at Sawyer "decided to start a pillow fight. You know me, I don't back down from a challenge! But, ah, one of us accidentally woke ol' sleepy head up and, ah, so, um......"
"What the bumbling fool's trying to say, is that when he threw a pillow at Macbeth and woke him up, your couch suddenly found itself sporting a brand new hole, straight through the middle." Solano said, with her usual haughtiness before smiling at her blonde friend. 
"It's good to see you, Lucy!" The white-haired woman said, pulling her in for a hug. "How are Aries and Scorpio? Tell them sorry from me again for how I acted back then-I was simply awful!"
"It's fine, they forgive you, plus, that's all in the past now-right?" Lucy replied with a smile.
Turning to Erik, she gave him the glare he'd been dreading. "You better replace my couch, or I'll tell Kinana and set Mirajane on you."
Solano gave her a confused look. "Wouldn't Erza be more effective in this situation?" She asked politely.
Lucy grinned evilly. "No, because last time you guys visited, Mira caught Erik and Kinana together outside the guild. He barely escaped intact, and since then he's been avoiding her at any cost-Mira that is. He'd never avoid Kinana!" The girls shared a knowing look and giggled at the implications.
"Tsch, she ain't not a woman." He looked towards his fellow guildmates. "Mirajane is a demon. She is the devil herself, and if you disagree with me, I'll kick you out of the guild!"
"Abuse!" Sawyer cried. "Abuse of power! Maybe you should set Erza on him after all. Jellal is her fiancé now!" The speed mage smiled at Lucy. "Been a while Heartfilia, how are ya?"
"Great, thanks. And I think I'll take your suggestion, maybe that'll shut him up for once!" The blonde answered.
Erik paled with just the thought of those two demon ladies. Not to mention Laxus and Jellal were quite scary too-as was Kinana when she was angry.
"Y'know what, ima head out to the furniture store. No reason in particular." Erik said as he started to back out the door.
"Wait a sec, I was gonna cook for you guys-what d'you want? I've got pizza, pasta, various types of meat-"
"CHICKEN!" Cried a voice from the corner, before looking shocked at the sound of his own voice.
Erik started spluttering, and the others soon followed, even Solano joining in. "You good there Macbeth? Seemed a little hungry!" Sawyer's comment sent everyone into another fit of laughs.
Macbeth looked around and blinked. "What's so funny? Did I miss something? Erik, did-oh nee-chan! Hello! Have you got any food, I'm hungry."
Lucy, kind and gentle as she was the took pity on the eldest member of crime sorciere-whom she saw as a little brother. "You were asleep, and when I asked everyone what they wanted to eat, you shouted 'CHICKEN!'"
Macbeth's cheeks flushed slightly pink, and he began to stutter out excuses. "Lu-nee-chan, I have something to tell you. During our pillow fight....ERIK MADE A HOLE IN THE COUCH!" He burst out, making everyone laugh once again.
"Okay you guys, seriously though, if you want something to eat I need to go grocery shopping so tell me now." She took out a pen and pencil and began to make notes on what everyone wanted. Erik wanted burgers, Solano wanted a salad, Sawyer wanted Pizza and Macbeth wanted fried chicken.
"I'll be back in half an hour, so behave, okay?" She said sternly, causing Erik and Macbeth to look rather sheepish.
"Nee-chan, let me come with you!" Macbeth asked. Lucy smiled and nodded her head, and the two headed off to the store.

After the war with Alvarez was over, Lucy had decided to buy somewhere so she wouldn't have to worry about rent all the time. The problem was that she loved her little apartment too much, but much to her delight, the landlady agreed to sell it to her.
Lucy worked her butt off saving up for the little house, and eventually had enough. 
Soon after that, the remaining members of crime sorciere turned up in Magnolia to see how everyone was doing-after the close call with Irene and Acnologia, Jellal had confessed his feelings to Erza. Erza then told him that she reciprocated his feelings, shocking no one but Jellal himself, and the master of Crime Sorciere left the guild to join Fairy Tail to be with Erza, leaving Erik in charge. Meredy later left to join Lamia Scale with Sherry, who she'd actually become very good friends with, and Richard left to track down his younger brother, Wally.
Whilst searching for a hotel that was within their price range, the four remaining members stumbled across a certain blonde, who offered her house a place for them to stay. Since she'd purchased the building, she had access to the downstairs rooms as well, and Crime Sorciere were given one of those new rooms-except for Solano, who slept upstairs with Lucy. Since then then, they had returned countless times, and eventually Lucy converted one of the rooms into a dorm for them to bunk in when they came to town. Erik and Lucy were good friends, and Lucy was working on getting him with Kinana. Solano and Lucy were about as close as you can get-whenever Crime Sorciere stopped by, Lucy and Solano had a little girls night whilst the boys were downstairs. They did makeovers, facials-everything. Sawyer was a bit of a prankster, but he stopped playing tricks on Lucy after she gave him a Lucy kick to the face for going into the bathroom whilst she was in there. And Macbeth, he and Lucy, weirdly, got along the best out of everyone. He always called her 'nee-chan', and she treated him like a little brother-which was slightly strange, because the 7 year gap meant that he was technically older than her.

The blonde was broken out of her reverie by her 'little brother' filling the shopping trolley with packets of chips ahoy. "Macbeth! You can't do that! I thought you wanted chicken anyway?" She exclaimed, although amused by the boy's antics.
"But nee-chan, I never get cookies when we go away-and look! Red velvet!" Macbeth smiled internally, showing Lucy only the saddest puppy dog eyes he could manage. As he knew she would-she caved.
"Fine, no more than ten packets, okay?" She said, irritated because she could never resist the eyes. They weren't magic-but they might as well be!
"Ya! Thanks nee-chan!" He exclaimed, throwing his arms around her.
"Right, now we need to go pay before you get me to buy anything else." She muttered, wincing at the thought of how much this was going to cost her.
They went over to the check out and payed, and Lucy got Virgo to help them carry the bags back to her house, so she could get dinner ready for everyone. 

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