The Dummy

#Horror #Death #Dummy


1. The Dummy

It was my birthday......I'm 13 in a half now and I had an amazing yet odd birthday party. It was that morning I woke up to the smell of my favorite pancakes....the blueberry kind that my mom makes me every birthday as I went downstairs to be greeted by my 9 year old sister, my dad, and my mom and they sung happy birthday to me. I sighed a bit with forceful grin on my face as I sat at the kitchen table. About 8 minutes later as breakfast was just about dad told me he had a surprise for me as he went into the living room coat closet I was waiting with anticipation as he closed the door and handed me a huge present. I tore it to shreds and there was this suede black box "open it" my dad said with a smile on his face as I opened the box and there it was the day my life changed. It was a Dummy it wore a black tuxedo with a red bow tie and a red rose in his pocket. It also had big polished light green and black eyes as I looked at my dad and thanked him. "So what will you call him?" My dad asked. "Charlie!" I said with excitement as I saw a card in his pocket as I pulled it out an said it out loud "maybe it's Hebrew or something" my dad said.

Later on I was playing puppet show upstairs while everyone was downstairs doing party decorations I then went to my moms room to get my cape and when I returned.......Charlie my new Dummy was seated in the chair by my window but the thing is, I don't remember taking him out of the box.

Later on the party was over and I opened up all my presents and I was getting ready to go brush my teeth and head to bed. As I was headed upstairs Charlie was sitting at the top of the stairs with that creepy smile on his face " did this get here?" I asked myself. Maybe it was my sister pulling a prank on me. When I got in my room I put Charlie in his box and I said goodnight Charlie and maybe my ears deceived me but I honestly thought I heard him reply creepily "Goodnight" I then got into bed and stared at the box Charlie was in.

The next day.....when I opened my eyes and turned towards the window I saw Charlie sitting in the chair staring at me. I was too afraid to move "mom" I whimpered as I hesitated a bit then got out of bed an back up to my door as I kept my eyes on the Dummy.

Later on around friend Kyle came over and we played video games in the living room as some of my other friends came over to have a guys night "okay Clay me and your dad are taking your sister to her friend Sarah's house since you're having your guys night. Also me an your dad are going out for dinner after we drop your sister off we left the number on the fridge if you need anything and please don't trash the place you're 13 now and we're trusting you now we love you and see you all later" my mom said as her my dad and my sister left the house. As we continued to play video games James tugged my shirt "what is it?" I asked keeping my eyes on the game watching Kyle battle Danny in a fighting game. "Your Dummy is staring at me" James whispered "dude it's upst........." and before I can finish I had turned around to see it sitting next to the wall by the closet. "What" I unexplainably said as I got up and threw the Dummy in the closet. "It's freaking me the hell out!" I yelled as the power went out "what the hell dude" Kyle said as I saw that it was pretty bad outside. "Must be the weather" I said as I opened the closet door to get the flashlight when I noticed something.......Charlie was gone as I grabbed the flashlight and I told everyone what was going on but they didn't believe me "where's Arron" Danny asked as we started looking around "Aaron?" Everyone called out in unison to no response as we all crept upstairs. Everyone one was on edge and scared a bit except me I was petrified from the power going out and Charlie my Dummy nowhere to be found. We searched every part of the house and then my room;

I creaked my door open and in the dark I shined my flashlight directly on Charlie sitting on his box. "Ma......Maybe its Aaron playing a prank" James hesitantly said as the Dummy was staring at us and the room was completely silent as the Dummy's mouth dropped open as we all turned towards one another slowly. I kept the light on the Dummy and when we turned back towards it.....he was gone as you can hear giggling in the room but we were to afraid to laugh "A.......Aaron is that you" I whispered in fear. "Let's play hide and seek" someone said as we took off running in my moms room but Kyle ran downstairs.....separated from us. "Where's Kyle?" James asked in a more paranoid state. As my moms door Opened but we saw no one all we heard was the sound of little feet running downstairs.

It's been 45 minutes an me an James and Danny were in the closet practically the whole night as the door to the closet opened an me an James screamed as we realized it was my parents. "What's going on?" My mom asked as James took off running but my dad took him home as I hugged my mom while crying.

The next day the cops were at our house questioning me and James as well as Kyle and Aaron's parents. Apparently the cops found Kyle's body dismembered his arms were by the cabinet his torso was underneath the table as well as his legs, and his head was in the cabinet and they found Aaron's body the suede black box where Charlie was....I burned the doll in our fireplace because as me and as well as James and Danny knows.....that my Dummy....Charlie......killed our friends

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