New York's Finest

The Hot One, The Bad Boy, The Gossip Girl, The Player and The Dreamy One all in the same friendship group, what could possibly go wrong here?

(Mild references to sex. References to smoking, drugs and alcohol).


2. Chapter Two



"I like, seriously can't believe he did that. What a loser!" Sally cursed irritably as she plucked her salad apart, "don't Sal, don't you think I already know that? But what can I do? If I break things off now everyone will know something's up and the year has only just started," Tori groaned as she hid her face behind her hands.

"Then don't. It is simple really, Tor,"

"What? How?"

"Throw a party. You know, one of your parties, not one of those lame ones the poor's throw. Once he arrives simply tell him thing's are off, get wasted and you know...get in someone else's bed. After all, they do say that jealousy's a bitch and what better way to test that?" Sally cackled at her devious mind as she stabbed up a forkful of lettuce.

"Oh goodness Sally, what's gotten into you? I can't do that, surely!" Tori gasped, mulling over the idea, "besides, who is there for me to sleep with? Miranda Carter already took Zac Johnstone so he's off the cards," Tori sighed as she thought about Zac.

Zac had started the school a year before Tori and was one year older than her. He had olive brown skin with flattering green eyes and muscles like a tank, he was what every girl needed and wanted. He was a gentleman which also helped on his behalf. Miranda Carter was also the year above Tori and Sally and had shiny brown hair which turned lighter in the summer, she had brown eyes to match and always wore the tiniest and sexiest lace underwear. Tori was so envious of Miranda but of course would never admit it.

"Very true. Well, I'm out of ideas then," Sally shrugged her shoulders, "I've got to get to PE, I hear there's a new male coach coming in today and I'm praying he's fit!" She squealed as she ran from the table.


"Maybe a party isn't such a bad idea after all," Tori said aloud to herself as she lay on her king size bed, "I mean, booze and boys doesn't sound so bad considering." Tori lifted her phone from beside her, "Maybe I'll just invite a few people and see," she typed the names of the people she was considering inviting and sent out a friendly text,

'Gathering at my house, Friday night. Bring drinks. Lots of Love, Tori Jefferies.'


'Sounds good, see you there!' - Jay Sheffield

'Can't wait!' - Sally Tristan

'Sounds good, gorgeous. Can't wait to see you there!xx' - Alex Preston

'Ok. Sounds good.' - Nathaniel Parker

Tori gleamed as her phone buzzed continuously with messages rolling in from several contacts.

Friday couldn't come soon enough.




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