New York's Finest

The Hot One, The Bad Boy, The Gossip Girl, The Player and The Dreamy One all in the same friendship group, what could possibly go wrong here?

(Mild references to sex. References to smoking, drugs and alcohol).


3. Chapter Three


"Tori, over here," Alex was beckoning Tori towards the basketball courts where he stood on the brisk Wednesday evening, "I gotta speak to you. Please," he looked somewhat melancholy as he pleaded with Tori and so she followed him over to the courts.

"This is hard," Tori knew this wasn't going to be good. "I-I am sorry. Truly sorry for what I did, it was wrong," Alex was choking on his words. It was unusual for him to act in such a strange way, being known as the 'Bad Boy' had changed him inside as well as out and he was usually so confident and carefree but as the words left his lips he started to gasp for air. "Cheating is wrong. I do know right from wrong. I don't know what was going through my head, it was stupid. Please, have me." Tears started to build up In Alex's eyes as he glanced at Tori's pure face. "Alex..." Tori sighed, "I can't. Not now, not after this," Tori started to cry as she stumbled on her words, pausing for breaths, "you hurt me, Alex. Bad."

"I know that now, I do. Please Tor, I'm still me, your sweet little Alex. I must mean something to you somewhere, you invited me for Friday after all," his lip quivered uncontrollably, 

"I didn't want you to be left out. I have to go." Tori stated bluntly as she arose from the bench where they were sat, "Sorry."

Alex stayed sat with only his loneliness and regret to keep him company.


It was Thursday morning and Tori was struggling to find the strength to leave her bed willingly. Last nights events replayed on a loop through her mind, it was over.

It was really over.

Tori had spent so much time with Alex and they had shared many joyous memories together. Date after date they had become stronger and she had fallen harder in love with him each time and now that was gone. Tori never believed in love at first sight, especially at the mere age of seventeen, but she knew now that it was real as she had undeniably fallen in love with Alex Preston, the boy she knew would inevitably break her heart. She hadn't planned to fall for him at the start, he was just a ploy to help her reach the top of the school system and be the 'Queen Bee' of the school, she had originally planned to break things off with him once she got there but could never bring herself to do it, now she knew why.

"Oh, Miss Tori, are you not feeling well still?" Katrina had allowed herself into the room, "let me phone school and say,"


"But you are not dressed and ready and school start in only thirty minutes,"

"then you shall stop disturbing me and let me get ready, right?" Tori had an angry tone of voice and Katrina knew it was best to leave her be, "yes, yes. I shall go now," and with that Katrina slipped through the crack in the door and off to the kitchen.

"He's still coming to your party? O.M.G. I have to tweet about this," it was second lesson, French, and Tori and Sally were gossiping to one another, "I couldn't exactly say no, could I?"

"True. I heard Paris was looking for a boy toy though so you had better be careful, you don't want her stealing him, do you?" Sally chewed her gum violently as she spoke,

"no. I mean, well, he isn't my problem anymore. Is he? Oh, I don't know, maybe-"

"Girls please quieten down before I call in Mr Pews," Mr Pews was the girls head who took care of troubling students- Sally and Tori saw quite a bit of him. "Sorry Madam," the girls chorused.

The rain was pouring down outside in bucketfuls throughout the whole of third lesson and Tori had become suddenly distracted with the pattering of the window panes. Staring out of the cleaned glass that now cried rainy tears, she thought about what Friday night could potentially hold... Would she get with someone that wasn't Alex Preston? Would anyone want to get with someone who just broke up with him? Of course they would, everyone wants me. They do, Tori thought to herself before being snapped out of it by a loud voice calling her name, "Tori...Tori. Miss Jefferies!"

"Yes. Sorry, what was the question?" Tori shook her head violently before adjusting her hair, "go outside. I will not have students in here who do not wish to learn!" Tori left the room. Once outside the room Tori pulled her phone from her pocket and swiped open her music app whilst inserting her earphones into her ears and clicking her favourite playlist. She leaned gently against the wall and started texting Sally,

'Sent out of Media Studies again. Where are you?'

No reply.

Instantly Tori became worried, the girls had always replied to one another within seconds of receiving a text, it was unusual for Sally not to do so. Something seriously wrong must have happened and Tori was determined to find out what...

"Jay! Over here," Tori called as Jay jogged towards her, "have you seen Sal? You must have. It's important," Tori sounded worried; her face askew,

"no, sorry Tor. What's up?" Jays voice was soft and sweet which is why all the girls fell for him so easily, everyone besides Tori that was. He was tall and fairly skinny with messy brown hair and a pearly smile that melted hearts and was possibly the reason he was known as such a heart breaker. Tori and Sally had known him forever, practically their whole lives. "Oh, she isn't replying to me when I text her. No biggie, right? Have fun at your game,"

"I can hang about if you want? We could go and get lunch?" Jay offered kindly, one arm against the wall where they were stood, "I'm not sure, another time?" Tori sounded uncertain and Jay could see the glaze of tears in her eyes, "come on, it's my treat," he winked and grabbed her by the arm dragging her towards his town car.


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