New York's Finest

The Hot One, The Bad Boy, The Gossip Girl, The Player and The Dreamy One all in the same friendship group, what could possibly go wrong here?

(Mild references to sex. References to smoking, drugs and alcohol).


1. Chapter One


5 lives, 5 toys and 5 separate stories. This year was clearly going to be a good one.

Cocktails and bikinis had now been traded for hot chocolates and cosy scarfs, summer had finally come to a close and the students of St James' Academy prepared themselves for another torturous year of high school. The first day was the most significant, the perfect outfit, the perfect hair and the perfect boy, all just factors contributing to popularity in this New York City school.

Tori Jefferies had it all, plead skirt paired with thigh boots and the newest Chanel purse, long blonde hair flowing far past her shoulders and Alex Preston- the bad boy- as her boyfriendshe was a newbies dream. Others of the school worshipped at her feet, waiting on her everyday of every week, Alex somewhat included. She was everything other girls aspired to be and the one all boys longed for yet couldn't have. She was one of NYC's finest and she wasn't afraid to flaunt that. Her boyfriend Alex Preston, the school bad boy and car fanatic was known for his exclusive relationship with Tori, after they hit it off on Tori's yacht just last April, it was love at first sight. 

The city bells chimed in perfect unison as alarms from all blocks rang irritably, awakening the students to the new school year. It was a new day. Tori Jefferies woke peacefully, her butler Katrina already standing by her bed with coffee and brownies for breakfast, "this is for you, Miss Jefferies," Katrina squeaked in a timid voice, she was the new family butler and had only started a week ago. "Thank you. Now, go fetch me the most stunning shirt to match my plead skirt for today's day. Oh, and call me Tori."

"Yes, Miss- Tori," Katrina scuttled away, clearly a nervous wreck, as Tori tucked in to her breakfast spread. "Hey honey," a sweet voice called from the other side of her bedroom door, "mom!" Tori yelled excitedly as her mother entered slowly, "you're back! Is dad here too?" Tori poked her head swiftly round her door,

"I'm sorry, honey. He was going to come but then work-"

"I get it." Tori slumped back onto her bed feeling disappointed yet not surprised, "so, what are you doing back here? Picking up more clothes I suspect," Tori grilled, turning from her mothers face. "Actually, I came to give you this," her mother Katie revealed a large box from beside the door, "we thought you'd like them." Tori tore at the box, removing all the packaging to reveal a brand new pair of black Louis Vuitton's, "Ah! They're gorgeous!" The pair embraced lovingly before being disturbed by Katrina. 

"Excuse me, Tori. You must be getting to school now, hm?" Katrina said, nodding her head towards the door, "oh right. Yes. You'll be here when I get back, won't you?" begged Tori, pulling on her new shoes and the white shirt Katrina had handed her, "I'll try my best but you know how things are these days," her mother sighed, "but-but I'll try my hardest,"

"yeah, yeah," Tori rolled her eyes, "I'd better go anyway," Tori left the room and went down to her town car where her chauffeur stood waiting. "Good morning, Miss Jefferies," he greeted her with a smile as he opened the car door, "is it?" Tori replied. The chauffeur closed the door shut behind her.


"Hey Tor!" Sally Tristan called, her hand waving her peach clutch around frantically. Sally and Tori had been the best of friends for years on end, although their friendship included some rough patches, they had always made it through. "Hi Sal," Tori's voice seemed flat and disinterested as her eyes locked on her mobile, "so, how was your summer? Mine was totally fabulous! Hey, are you listening?" Sally shook her friend drastically, taking her attention from her phone, "huh? Sorry, yeah, summer."

"Oh my gosh! You are like totally distracted! Let me guess, it's Alex?"

"Yes, but not how you think, something happened..."

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