Seeing him, in her

Joseph Sugg and Isabella Lee have been married for four years now. She asks him to go to the store the morning after they had unprotected sex expecting him to come back. He disappears and leaves her pregnant.


3. when she started talking.

When Emi started talking, all she would ask about was her daddy. I showed her one of Joe's old videos, she smiled and laughed. "I miss him," I said to myself. My phone rang, Joe's picture popped up. "Can I talk to daddy?" She asked. "Of course honey." I replied. I answered the phone and gave it to her. "Hi daddy!" She said. "Hey baby girl." Joe said. "Guess how old I am now," she said. "You my love are two years old." Joe answered. "That's right!" She smiled and giggled. "Is mum around?" He asked. "Yeah," she answered. "Could I talk to her." He asked. "Sure." She said and handed me the phone. "Where the hell have you been?" I asked. "I can't tell you that." He said. "Are you with another girl?" I asked. "No." He answered, "I'm with family. I have to go I love you." "That's hard to believe," I replied and hung up.

Every night Joe would call and talk to Emi then me. He wanted to visit but I said no. He asked if he could take Emi some time and I said no, cause I wasn't sure if he would bring her back. Eventually he would only call to talk to our daughter. She had his blue eyes and my dirty blonde hair.

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