Seeing him, in her

Joseph Sugg and Isabella Lee have been married for four years now. She asks him to go to the store the morning after they had unprotected sex expecting him to come back. He disappears and leaves her pregnant.


2. Meeting Jaxson.

My due date was right around the corner and my water broke. Abby took me to the hospital where Emilia Skyler Sugg was born. "She's so beautiful," I said as they handed her to me. My parents and Joe's parents were there, Alfie and Zoe were there as well. "She looks just like Joe," Joe's mum gasped. "She does," I agreed.

When Emi was six months old, I met a guy his name was Jaxson. He was sweet and funny. When he moved in abby and Caspar got their own place. "Jax?" I asked. "Yeah babe?" He replied. "Can you make Emi a bottle?" I asked. "Yeah of course." He answered. I held my phone in my hands. It was vibrating, Joe's name popped up. I declined it and sat my phone on the counter. "What's wrong?" Jax asked. "Nothing I'm okay." I replied. "Why would something be wrong? I have beautiful baby girl and a handsome boyfriend at my side, everything is perfect." "Okay just checkin'" he said. I smiled and went to the living room. Emi was crawling around and sitting on the floor. She smiled big when she saw me. My life was finally back together.

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