Seeing him, in her

Joseph Sugg and Isabella Lee have been married for four years now. She asks him to go to the store the morning after they had unprotected sex expecting him to come back. He disappears and leaves her pregnant.


1. The day he left.

"Joe can you go to the store and get eggs?" I asked. "Sure," he answered. He wrapped me in his arms and hugged me for a minute. He kissed me long and hard. "Joe you're just going down the road you'll be back and then we can watch a movie." I said. "I know. I just love you so much." He said. "Alright I'll be back, love you." "Love you too. Hey, drive safe!" I warned.

A few hours went by and he still hasn't returned. I blew up his phone. I called my brother, Caspar, and my best friend, Abby. I called Zoe and Alfie. Everyone was at our house. "Izzy, abby and I are gonna stay until he comes home." Caspar said. I nodded. "I've blew up his phone and he still hasn't answered. He's gonna come back," I asked, "right?" "Of course he will, he always comes back. It's not like him to up and run like that." Zoe said. "He's probably just at Jim's, maybe his phone died." Alfie said.

Two months went by and Joe still hasn't come home. I'm late for my period. My heart dropped as the pregnancy test said "PREGNANT". "ABBY!" I screamed. Caspar and her ran up to the bathroom. "What!?" They asked. "I'm pregnant." I said. I covered my mouth in shock and cried. "Shh," abby said hugging me. "You have us we help pay the rent here and Joe's bank account is still open to us. We will help you, I promise." Caspar said.

When I hit 28 weeks we mad an appointment to know the gender of the baby. If it's a boy his name with be Leo Joseph Sugg, if it's a girl Emilia Skyler Sugg. They put the jell on my belly and we saw it on the ultrasound. It was a baby girl. "Emilia Skyler it is." I said. I called Joe and he answered. "Joseph," I gasped. "Bella." He said. "Joe we're having a baby girl." I said. "That's great." He said. "Where are you?" I asked. "Isabella I have to go, I love you." He said. "Okay, bye." I said and he hung up. "When I hit six months that's it I'm done with him." I said. "Okay," Caspar said and he kissed my hand. Six months came fast and Joe never showed up or called. I gave up.

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