Before The War (Dramione Story)

You all know that horrid blond boy from Harry Potter that everyone loves to hate. DRACO MALFOY. Is he all that bad. Here he is. In love. With Hermione Lee Granger or is she even a Granger. Find out in Before The War (Dramione Story)


12. The Misfits Common Room


Draco POV

    Why did they bring my dad here. I HATE MY FATHER. He is a no good son of a bitch. Bloody hell he is one stupid prat for even coming. I turned to see Hermione looking at me. We just left Dumbledore’s office. I looked at her. She look like she wanted to know.

“Why do you hate your father so much,” she said plainly. She wasn’t trying to hurt me. I answered her.

“I caught him cheating. When my mom said that he really never married her, she meant the ring that goes from Malfoy mom to son. The ring is an engagement ring. It stays on the person you want to marry till death. My father never proposed with that ring. Even though my mom’s name is on the family tree we have they could get a divorce. She would still be on the tree though so. I have stolen the ring and hid it so,” it was hard to say what happen this summer, she looked at me, she wanted to know how I caught the bastard, “ I never realized what he was doing in the study we have. He said it was business. One day mom had left to get some supplies and snacks. I heard moaning coming from the study. I thought someone might be hurt. I ran to the door and opened it to see him and the girl that he said he had business having sex on the desk. He never knew I was there. I shut it quietly. That is when i went and found the ring and hid it in my case for Hogwarts. I hate him. He defiled the family name. I no longer want to be called his son nor do I want to be like him or him, me,” I had started to cry. We were in the dungeon.

“Let’s go see the room Dumbledore said was here”

“Ok we can do that,” we walked in silence. We got to the door and the Snake and Gryffin ask for the password.

“Butterbeer” Hermione said. She look up at me. She was so beautiful. I loved how she only has known me for a day. That we have only been here for a day. So much has happen. We walk in and there was Harry, Luna, the Weasley Twins, Luna, and Neville.

“So you two huh” Harry said looking at Hermione.

“Yes” she snapped “Do you have a problem”

“No,No,No, I actually like that he isn’t all that bad”

“Why?” I asked

“You seem to be to much like Sirius to be bad”

“Hahaha, he is just like him. My god he came up with spells with Snape this summer just to mess with our dad. Hah he even turned our dad into a ferret. It was great” said Luna excited for her brother.

“Yea Yea Yea, I wonder if we have dorm rooms in here. I rather not go back to Pansy Parkinson right now. She is always trying to get with me”

“Let her” Hermione whispered to me.

“Why” I whispered back.

“Great cover, but there are rooms here. It is Saturday know so we can sleep if you want,” she yawned. She was tired, “there up ahead see the stairs”

“Yea I do,” I had forgotten everyone. I turned and looked at everyone, “ We’re going to bed, wake me up at 10 till 9 so I can see the face of McGonagall”

“Ok, don’t get pregnant,” Luna laughed. I looked at her, but Hermione just yawned and put her head on my shoulder. Not phased at all by my sister's comment. We went up the stairs. There were about 15 rooms. All locked. The sign says the you have to have master the unlocking spell to get in. Luckily I did. We went down to the farthest one to the left, “Alohomora,” I say and hear a snap, “Do you want your own room or no”

“No,” she whispered. She tugged at the strings in my heart.

“I am carrying you in. You seem to tired to even walk,” she didn’t say no. She shook her head and I picked her up. Carrying her into the room. I laid her on the bed. I got undressed and locked the door.

“ ‘Mione” she looks up, “you need anything”

“Yes” she whispered.

“What do you need,” she pulled me by the loops of the pants I still had on.

“You,” I lean down and kiss her. She was warm. Her arm around my shoulders. Her hands in my hair. I pulled her close to me. Her button up shirt had already been undone. She was in her underwear and bra with an unbuttoned shirt on. Her legs wrapped around my waist. I stood up. I put her against the wall. She pulled back, “ Can’t sleep know that I am wide awake,” I smile at her. She kisses me again. She is so close that her body was giving me heat. I turn around and put her on the bed. My hands roam her body. Her hands roam mine. We let the kiss fall and we look at each other.

“I can’t, you know, have sex yet”

“I know,” I look at her. She is so beautiful.

“You're my everything. I love you beautiful. I would never do something you don’t want”

“I know, let’s go to bed,” with that her legs slip from my sides. I lay down. I pull her close to me. Her head lays on my chest. She soon falls asleep. I soon follow.

Hermione POV

    We wake up to the door opening and Luna laughing. She looks at us laughing and then aws at us.

“Shut up Luna,” Draco says groggily. His hair is tousled. I get up and pull on my robes. Then I realized why she was laughing. I am in my bra and underwear. I hurry to find my shirt and pants I was wearing.

“Stop Laughing Luna, I am not scared to beat the bloody hell out of you with the jinx I made,” I smile. I remember on the train that my wand was in my hand, and I said bloody hell when sneezed, and my wand jinx the closes people with nose bleeds. It sounded like I said Bloody Hellion.

“I want to see it,” she said laughing.

“It is a nosebleed jinx it last like 5 minutes. I will do it to Ron,” I finally found my button up shirt and jeans. She finally stopped laughing. She came over to me.

“Did you guys snog or something” she whispered. Snog was slang for sex.

“No, why,” she looked at me seriously.

“Good, did he tell you the Malfoy curse. Some Malfoy’s have it. Some Malfoy’s don’t. He won’t know till his twelfth birthday,” she still whispered.

“No, what is it,” I looked at her with concern and with curiosity.

“He and I could be werewolves Hermione,” I looked stunned.

“When the time comes that he tells me yes or no my feelings will not change. He is very nice to me. I mean isn’t he supposed to hate me. I am a,” I wince at the word I am about to say, “ mudblood. He isn’t a bad boy. He looks and acts like it. He slicks his hair back and he always has his hands in his pockets, at least he hasn’t hurt me yet. If he did, well, I would jinx or hex him, then we would go back to normal,” she looks at me with a smile.

“That is all I needed to hear. You are a girl I feel that will seemingly fix Draco, make him come out of his bad boy shell,” she smiles. It is like a minute till 9 o'clock.

“Hurry up Draco,” he runs out and we get close enough to McGonagall to see the prank. Ron know has rainbow hair. He walks into the Great Hall and as he screams for Lily McGonagall gets hit in the face with a prank.

“Peeves what did you just thr………,” she was interrupted by the ball exploding turning into a swap. She was covered with swamp mud. Little did I know that the mud could take shape. The mud started taking the shape of a wolf. It ran around; splashing mud everywhere.

“Everyone get to breakfast,” McGonagall laughed as she was saying it, “Scourgify,” She laughed. It all was cleaned up, she turned to Peeves,”Who asked you to do this. This is one of the Weasley twins bombs so it has to be a Weasley,” she looked at Peeves.

“That new Weasley came in, what was his name, ummmmmm, Ron, he talked to her,” he pointed at me, “when she ran away crying he came up to me. I did what he asked”

“Why tell me who”

“He sent the girl away crying. He was mean to her. He kinda deserves it. I can’t get into Gryffindor's common room to prank him, so when he never told me to not tell, I used it,” Peeves floated off laughing. For many reasons. He was one great poltergeist. We walk into the Great Hall. McGonagall Walk in beside me. Draco left to his Slytherin table. I seen Harry and Lily. I went up to them. I realized Lily was fighting with a rainbow haired Ron. I laughed. He looked at me.

“Why are you laughing Granger,” he said ever so mean, “ No wonder you got no friends,” I looked at Ron’s rainbow hair. He had finally ticked me off.

“You know what, I may not have many friends nor do I have your Blood stasis  but I am smart, I am good at thing you struggle at, I could easily fix your hair. You don’t know how to do that or you would have already,” I was furious. Lily stood up. I about smacked Ron. She stood. I stopped. She looked at Ron.

“You Hellion. She does have friends, me and Harry. She is not what you may think. She is wonderful. You don’t deserve to walk where she walks. To breath where she breaths. You are lucky we haven’t done anything worse the dye your hair. I SWEAR RON I WOULD CURSE YOUR NAME IF I DIDN’T LIKE YOUR BROTHER'S,” she turned to me and grabbed my hand. She ran to Harry and grabbed him up.

“Harry are you Hermione’s friend”

“Yes that I am”

“OK, Look RON I might be Gryffindor, but I could be as bad as a Slytherin. Just ask Draco what I can do without magic, let alone with magic. So shut your face and accept her. What did she do to you,” she stands there glaring at me. Ron looks at his food. He started eating again. We sat down. I looked at Draco. He was mad.


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