Before The War (Dramione Story)

You all know that horrid blond boy from Harry Potter that everyone loves to hate. DRACO MALFOY. Is he all that bad. Here he is. In love. With Hermione Lee Granger or is she even a Granger. Find out in Before The War (Dramione Story)


16. The Feud Fight

Draco POV

    I waited for about ten minutes before he showed up. I looked at the still rainbow haired boy. I let out a laugh as I stepped out behind him.

“So Ronald Weasley the one and only twat (T-w-at)that make fun of a muggleborn wizard because he can’t be as smart. I wonder what I should do to this kid. Bodybine and use him as a punching bag, no maybe I should make you hang upside down and watch your blood go to your head, I got an idea,” I turned to him. He never seen this coming, “ Septa Sperantia,” I said pointing my wand at him. This spell I made for people that get on my nerves. It is a snake that can go through you body and make you hurt for quite a long time but not leave any visible damage, it also collects a duplicate of the person’s memories. It is like a patronus, but it harms instead of helps. It also depends on the person casting the spell. The spell produces what animal you think will cause the most harm. Mine is a python because my sister’s patronus is a python and she can do some damage. He starts to wither in his place. Falling to his knees I walk up to him. I laugh, “I have one more spell for you Weasel. It is a secret lock spell. I made that myself, along with this one,” I laugh. He looks up, “I hate you Malfoy. I hate you because she doesn’t, so I will hate you, because she loves you. I wanted her. I can’t have her so you can. This is guaranteed though. I will hate her for as long as you're with her,” I hated him so much at this point, “You know what Weasel maybe I will use the same curse I did on my father, except I won’t take it off. It is a spell for people like you. You have to be nice to her, because if you don’t you will get hurt,” I smirked his eyes widened, “Her is the be nice one. Seltery Potraniom,” I pointed my wand at him he only fidgeted a little, “Here is the secret lock. Helerian Secreta,” he would never be able to tell a soul what I did to him. Not one soul. Only him and I would know. I smirked and looked at him, “I am leaving. Have fun Weasel,” I smirked and left. I knew where Hermione would be. She would be in the common room waiting for me. So I ran to the dungeon, “Butterbeer” I went in and she was sitting there with Lily. I could hear them.

“This is how you find the numbers you need to call. Here is mine, and here is your mom’s,” she realized I was there, and we talked for hours about how the things worked.

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