Before The War (Dramione Story)

You all know that horrid blond boy from Harry Potter that everyone loves to hate. DRACO MALFOY. Is he all that bad. Here he is. In love. With Hermione Lee Granger or is she even a Granger. Find out in Before The War (Dramione Story)


19. Slytherin Common Room

Draco POV

“Hey mate, where you been,” says Blaise. He has that cocky smile. He always seems to were.

“Library, trying to find the book on Polyjuice remember, we are sneaking into Hufflepuff Blaise, where is Goyle and Pansy,” I say changing the subject.

“Right here Drake,” says Pansey. That annoying prat know hangs all over me.

“You don’t need to look anymore, we got invites,” Goyle walks in behind Pansey and gives me the invites.

“Well, I guess we don’t need the potion then”

“Well, I would think not Drake”

“Pansey what have I told you”

“Don’t use Drake. Your name is Draco,” I turn to go to the dorms when the door open and Dumbledore comes in. Hermione on one side. My mom on the other. My sister is on a leash. I know it is the Malfoy family curse. My sister is in wolf form. That means soon I will be too. Dumbledore escorts the Slytherins to their dorms. I walk up to Hermione.

“She went outside,” she looks apologetic

“I know,” I am flustered as I kneel and look in my rabid sister's eyes. They are still her eyes. I set my forehead on hers.

“I am going to do something. Is it ok if I become an Animagus for you”

“Why would you”

“I am not leaving you and your sister. She is not a werewolf, she is not an animagus either. You both aren’t. I am going to teach you how to control it with the help of your mother. We might be able to transform you guys into animagus. This curse will end when we can. Draco, please, if not for you, for her,” she looks at my know tamed sister. She is calm and looking at us. My mom lets the leash go and she strides all the way to Hermione’s side and sits. Almost like she is siding with her.

“How do you become an Animagus? What form would you take?”

“Well that is simple. I thought Hermione a spell. Expecto Patronum. Your Animagus form is closely tied to your Patronus and all you have to do to become an animagus is to hold a leaf of a Mandrake in your mouth for a month,” my mother said.

“You try to make one Draco,” Hermione said “Think of you happiest thought. Then say Expecto Patronum. I will give you the closest to your form”

I started to think. The happiest day of my life so far was meeting Hermione.

“You first,” I say

“Ok,” she turns to Lilly and gives back the leash. Lilly’s first name is Luna. She goes by Lilly because when our dad banished her her name was wiped of the tree. She was no longer a Malfoy. So why use the name they gave her. I almost didn’t realize that a spirit looking wolf like thing was running around the room. I look to see my sister chasing it. Her white blond hair blowing in patterns of wind she created. Hermione is laughing.

“Ok, Ok you win”

“So know you have to. Come on you’re a Malfoy. Are you not spectacular person”

“Yea I guess I am, but I am not open to this. What memory all I have are of you, mom, and Lilly. What one do I use,” I say with a frown. My mom spoke up.

“Your most recent happy memories. It will be the strongest. You most recent would be today in that room”

“How do yo…..”

“I looked through her memories,” she pointed to Hermione.

“I let her,” she said.

“Ok, I will use that then,” I sighed, “Expecto Patronum,” I screamed. I thought of her and what we did. I see a light colored wolf running with to others. One wispy like mine. The other real. The wispy one is smaller and leaner. It also seems like a darker shade of light. Then I realize it is Hermione’s. Her hair would be brown. Only made sense for her Patronus to have a darker shade of light. Professor McGonagall came in and had a three leaves in her hands.

“Hello Malfoy, Granger, Black i am here to explain the procedure to become an animagus. You will put these,” she held up the leaves, “Mandrake leaves in your mouth for a few months. We will start tomorrow, when your sister is in normal shape. You will both avoid Full Moon light when the moon is up. I will like to see you all in my office at Five sharp. We will not be registering you for the purpose that you all three are spies for the Order,” she turned to my mom, “ do you wish to become one as well. This may be to fix a curse on the Malfoy family, but you are also a spy and that will be of great use,” my mom look startled, “I would love to become one Minerva, thank you,” she took a leaf. She smiled at us and gave my sister a pat. She hugged us and said her I love you’s and left with Professor McGonagall. I looked at Hermione.

“Let’s take her to our dorm and keep her there. Potter should be there. He will want to become one to I suppose,” we looked at the lease and Hermione grabbed it. She pecked my lips with a warm kiss. She wrapped her arm around my waist and we walked into the Common Room to the misfits dorm rooms. That is when hell went loose.

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