Before The War (Dramione Story)

You all know that horrid blond boy from Harry Potter that everyone loves to hate. DRACO MALFOY. Is he all that bad. Here he is. In love. With Hermione Lee Granger or is she even a Granger. Find out in Before The War (Dramione Story)


20. Let Us Run

Draco POV

    We just get in the common room when light hits me in the face. I tell Hermione to get the leash and collar in the top drawer in our room. Harry rushes over as I sit in agonizing pain.

“You too, Malfoy what is going on,” Harry says. I can hardly hear as I hunch over.

“It is a Malfoy family curse. It is passed on from the Malfoy parent to the offspring. Usually it only plays on in the males. If a Malfoy female married a male that was not a Malfoy it does not pass down. My sister’s children will be normal. My father is the Malfoy, so me and my sister got caught up in this mess. It will happen exactly at midnight, if the moonlight hasn’t hit you already. HARRY MOVE I AM ABOUT T…….,” I transform and all you hear is a howl. Hermione came down just in time, as she slips on the collar and leash I start to go crazy. I rip out of her arms as Harry gets the leash. I thrash as Hermione brings in Lily. I calm down. We can communicate through our minds to each other.

“Lily??,” I question. I get a response not more than two seconds later.

“Draco,” she responds.

“What do we do”

“Nothing, Hermione is here to help, and so is Harry”

“Lily, we can’t put this on them”

“They volunteered. We can’t stop them”

“Ok, but can we get out of here. I want to go outside”

“Yea, just follow my lead. There going to put the leashes on and act like we are dogs if we can,” she walks to the door. Harry already has her leash. Mine is a mint green and hers is a darker red color. We walk to the door and start scratching at it. Hermione comes.

“Want out, huh??,” I scratch harder. She puts the leash on and nids at Harry. He nods back and does the same to Lily. Then we walk out. As soon as we do we bump into Ron Weasley.

“I knew it. I KNEW IT!!!,” he screams, “You guys are in on that Malfoy family curse. I KNEW THERE WAS ONE. I can’t wait to tell my dad. He always knew. Harry you're helping them to. Get it through your head, Lily doesn’t like you. SHE IS A BLOODY MALFOY,” at this my sister growls. She tries to pounce on him but Harry has a tight hold. Luckily Hermione don’t. As I jump at Ron my leash slips and I land on him. I growl. I just need to scare him. Hermione and Harry do nothing as he looks in my eyes with fear.

“Get him off. I won’t tell. I won’t tell,” he is saying in a coward's yell. By this time Hermione has my leash and some students rush up.

“Silly Ron. He is just a pup. He just wants to play a bit,” Hermione laughs. Nice idea. I look at Lily and we start tackling each other like we always do. Then we pounce on Harry and Hermione. Hermione and Harry laugh. Her laugh is beautiful. They pull us of, as kids start pilling up to see us. This short stubby Gryffindor comes up.

“Can I pet them”

“Yes you can, Neville,” the stubby kid comes up and pets me.

“What is his name?”

“Drake, and this one,” she pointed to my sister, “is Lily. They have been mine for about a year. My mom got them for me. I ask if they could come every once in awhile to Hogwarts and Dumbledore said yes. So you will see them a lot more,” she smiled down. She used our real names.

“Why Drake and Lily, Mione, I mean come on,” Ron butted in.

“Well I always liked Lily and Draco is his real name and it stands for a constellation. I just call him Drake for short. I was reading up on them when we got them,” she smiled. Well, more like smirked at Ron, “We must be going. They wanted a walk. Ron here just scared Drake when he ran up to him. Goodbye,”she waved at her classmates as Harry and her walked out to the Forbidden Forest.

“Be good you to,” she let us off our leashes. We ran and ran all night.

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