Before The War (Dramione Story)

You all know that horrid blond boy from Harry Potter that everyone loves to hate. DRACO MALFOY. Is he all that bad. Here he is. In love. With Hermione Lee Granger or is she even a Granger. Find out in Before The War (Dramione Story)


6. In The Night

Hermione POV

    I woke with a start. Draco was outside fighting with someone. I looked out the window. There was a girl that looked most like him, if he was a girl. She was a Gryffindor. Her robes were red and gold. I could hear them.

“You got yourself a Gryffindor girl huh” she said with excitement.

“Yea” he said sorta scared.

“Good know you can join me”

“You left them Lily know I can’t leave, they will kill her”

“Draco you are so pussy whipped” Lily said irritated by her brother.

“No, I just don’t want her dead, you know what they did to Neville's parents, they even got Potter’s dad, and godfather in jail. Lily the dark lord will rise, and I will need your help to keep her safe” he screamed.

“You woke your girlfriend up Draco”

“What” they both turned to the window.

“Come and meet my sister Hermione” said Draco, still in a pissed mood.

“Ok, but you have to calm it” I said

“Ok, Ok, Ok, just come on” he said calmer.

“Ok” I headed down the stairs of the tent. I wondered why there was a girl in the boys dorm. It was her. I then realized why boy dorm. She was known by Lily Black. No wonder. She would never want to keep the Malfoy name. Blacks were relatives, but if I heard correctly both James and Sirius were innocent. I finally get down there to see a beautiful young girl.

“Hello, I am Hermione Granger” I said.

“Hello I am Lily Black” she said.

“You are a Black; I thought you were Draco’s sister”

“I am; I changed my name after being blasted off the family tree” she said proudly.



“You are quite brave”

“I never belonged there so”

“Yea I know how you feel”

“What do you mean”

“I am adopted”

“Oh really”

“Yes; I don’t remember much about my family”

“Oh; well maybe we can help”

“Ok, and how did you know that we were in the forest”

“Easy I gave Draco the tent. The red head twins told me about the lake. I told him, and when I went to check up on him he was missing” she laughed.

“You're my little sister, not my big sister. You don’t need to check up on me” said Draco.

“I know, and I have to go; have fun!!!” she said as she ran back to the two red headed kids that came with her.

“You tired still” Draco said.

“No not really” I said.

“I am so sorry” he said sadly.

“It is ok; I like your sister”

“Good because you will probably see more of her”


“Just because”

“Ok so what are we going to do”

“ We could go inside it is cold”

“Ok; I agree with that” we were going up the stairs.

“We have about 2 more hours; then we have to pack; after that when we get back you go to the library; I will go get Peeves to make a scene in the hall” he said laughing

“Why” I asked.

“Oh me and my sister are starting a war of chaotic mishaps” he said triumphantly

“Why me to the library then”

“Because it will be on Professor Mcgonagall, your house teacher; like snape is ours” he laughed.

“I don’t get it”

“Ok when I find Peeves he will be in the library most likely; you will say you seen Weasley do it. He already did something to tick me off”

“Yea me too I am in” I said as we reached the top of the stairs. As we got into the room he stopped and turn on me. What was he going to do.


Draco POV

We were at the top of the stairs. Right by the door to go to the room. That is when I turned on her. I was know looking straight at her. I had this planned out from the time we got here. I just thought I was going to do it on the edge of the forest line. I am going to do it right here. I stepped closer staring in her eyes. I cupped her face and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around my neck. I wrapped my around her waist then. I kissed her with the passion that a fire has for gas. I need her. I know I do. I pulled her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist. I walked into the room and layed her down. I was on top of her. I stopped and she looked at me. She smiles. I smile back. All of a sudden the door opens downstairs.

“Hide” I whisper. She does as I ask. He grabs his wand and the knife he hid in the nightstand. I head down stairs. I get down there, and see a small little creature.

“Dobby what in the bloody hell are you doing”

“I am doing as Mistress Black told me”

“And what was that”

“To resupply the tent”

“When she tell you that”

“ She ASKED nicely”

“What ???”

“She set Dobby free”

“Ok, can you do something for me then Dobby”

“Yes Master Malfoy”

“Ok act like you are NOT a free elf and do as my parents ask. K. Then when my dad gives you clothes act like he freed you”

“Why Master Malfoy”

“You will be collecting info for me k”

“OK Dobby can do that”

“Ok Dobby you can lie to them remember, and remember I am not dating  ANYONE k”


“Now would you like to meet Hermione”

“yes “

“HERMIONE” I yelled

“Coming” she said. She came down and all three of us talk for 2 hours. Dobby helped us pack and we headed back. She kept a hold on my arm the whole way back.


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