Before The War (Dramione Story)

You all know that horrid blond boy from Harry Potter that everyone loves to hate. DRACO MALFOY. Is he all that bad. Here he is. In love. With Hermione Lee Granger or is she even a Granger. Find out in Before The War (Dramione Story)


2. First Sight


Draco P.O.V.

"Mom I Look fine"

"I know, but you have to look great"

"Mommmmmmmm"he complained

"Draco listen to your mother"he said all to plain

"Ok Dad"

"Get on the train Draco" said his mom.

"Yea get on the train" said his dad. He was about to laugh

"I am, I am" he said with a little bit of sas.

As he walk onto the train and went down the hall he bumped into a brown, frizzy looking, haired girl.

"Oh I am sorry" she said as she wiped off the ink that was on his shirt.

"It is ok" he said in a slow voice looking at this girl. Her brown orbs were captivating, her hair beautiful. He couldn't help it, but all he could thing is how did she pull this off.

"What is your name" he said to the girl.

"Oh I am Hermione, you"

"You don't know"


"I am the only son of Lucius Malfoy, Draco Malfoy"

"Oh sorry, I have heard of you. I just didn't know what you looked like"

"You were a muggle huh"

"A what?"

"Yep you were, You were a non magical person. You didn't know that you were a witch till this year"

"No, is that ok"

"Yes, and no"

"Ok, well I am going to get something to snack on"

"Can I come with"


"Ok, hey I just wanted to know if you want to be in Slytherin"

"No, I would, if Slytherin house didn't have a bad reputation. I want to be in Ravenclaw or Gryffindor"

"I see what you are saying. I have a reputation to keep thou. My whole family was in Slytherin, now I have to be"

"Doesn't mean we can't be friends"

"We would have to keep it a secret, or you would have a very bad reputation"

"Ok" she turned to him and gave him a smile that made him smile.

"I probably will have to be mean to you, I don't want to, but I will have to"

"Really, like what"

"Well have you heard of mudblood"

"Yes, that horrid word, I hate it"

"I would at least have to call you that ounce"

"Oh, really? Would you mean it?"

"No, bloody hell, No" he said almost wanting to scream

"Good, because I am starting to like you Malfoy" Hermione said with a big smile.


"Yes, Malfoy, if I have to dislike you in public then I guess it is best to use your last name" she said frowning

"Sounds to much like what I would do" he laughed, she laugh and said.

"My last name is Granger"

"Ok Granger"

"Good. Look snacks. What are those?"

"Those are wizard candy's"

"Oh. I will take the jellybeans and the frogs"

"I will pay"

"Thanks, and can you teach me about this money you guys use"

"Yes, and know it is we" he said with a small chuckle

"Yea" she laughed

"Ok well I have to go" he said with a frown

"Ok, but meet me somewhere k, or give me a note with a time and day"

"Ok" Draco spoke with a smirk on his face.

"Bye Malfoy"she said with a smile.

"Bye Granger" he said without being able to stop the smile on his face.


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