Before The War (Dramione Story)

You all know that horrid blond boy from Harry Potter that everyone loves to hate. DRACO MALFOY. Is he all that bad. Here he is. In love. With Hermione Lee Granger or is she even a Granger. Find out in Before The War (Dramione Story)


11. Dumbledore’s Secret

Hermione POV

“Dad, Mom what are you doing here” said Draco. There was a man who looked a lot like Draco except he had a walking stick. There was a woman with brown hair. She was tall but short. Draco pulled from me, but his dad stopped him.

“We know who Hermione is son, we know you like her”

“How, How do you know who I am” I asked. They pointed to Dumbledore.

“I knew the moment that you the curly brown haired ,smart little girl, with brown eyes was going to belong to Bellatrix. You look like her. Your father had your smarts. Your father is indeed The Dark Lord, Hermione Granger, these two are spies for us. You and Draco will be to. We will let this continue in secret. I know Draco has been in the Gryffindor common room, I also know the prank will be from you too. I have heard what Ron has down and see it as reasonable to let the plan play out. Mcgonagall knows what is going to happen and is prepared. For now on though you are to tell me directly what has happened.”

“Ok, but if my mom is Bellatrix why isn’t she here”

“She is in Azkaban, Hermione, she lost you so she lost herself” Draco said. “How did you convince these two muggle hating, Voldemort loving, Haunting parent to be spies for us. I mean come off it. Maybe mom but dad never. He hates muggles to the extent of killing”

“I haven’t killed Hermione yet have I” said Draco’s dad.

“I will not work as a spy as long as my father is one” Draco said turning away facing me. His hand had been holding mine the whole time and know he was squeezing it. He hated his father. Why did he hate his father.

“You are off course a bigger asset than your father Draco, you and your mother can be spies correct” said Dumbledore.

“As long as my mother is protected yes, but I continue to say no because of my father” he said still looking at me. Tears were starting, yet he choked them back.

“Ok, I do agree with you and will replace and erase this memory from your father. Is this fine by you Draco”

“Yes Professor it is”

“Wait, no you are not going to erase my memory, I am his father”

“NO YOUR NOT AND AS SOON AS MOM DOES HER JOB I WILL TELL HER WHAT I WITNESSED JUST A FEW WEEKS AGO. YOU NO GOOD SON OF A BITCH” Draco had turned to his father.”OBLIVIATE” his wand was turned to his father. His father collapsed. Dumbledore then took his wand to Draco’s dads head and a white wisp came out. He then whispered something to it. He took his wand and put the memory back.

“How do you know that spell Draco” his mom had spoke.

“Snape taught me. He has taught me much mother. Remember he used to come over to see me all the time”

“That is what he was doing this last few weeks”

“Yes mother, I will know introduce you to Hermione” He push me to her. I held my hand out.

“Hello, I am Hermione Granger”

“I am Narcissa Malfoy. This is my husband Lucius. You are very pretty and you will always have my gratitude for bringing my boy back. He has been a little off” she turned to Draco “I know about your father's affair. I will wait till the end of our mission to confront him, he never properly married me anyways” Draco fell again to his knees. His mom and me look at each other. I drop along with his mother. I gave him a hug, she too. We sat there. He cried. It was 7:30 when he stood up.

“I am sorry mother, and you must leave soon”

“You have nothing to be sorry about, tell Lily I love and miss h….” at that moment Lily came in.

“Mom, I have heard all I need. I knew you would say yes. Thank you Dumbledore for believing me” Dumbledore looked at her. He smiled.

“You have a fine young daughter Narcissa”

“Don’t I know it” she said smiling “Come give me a hug Lily” Lily ran to his mother. She hugged her. She then turn to her brother and me.

“I will love you like a sister Hermione. Draco I knew you were always good, keep it up, I have to go turn Rons hair into a rainbow” she laughed her way out.

“She is my sister” Draco laughed.

“One more thing. Hermione and Draco have your own corridor. Do you know the picture of the house mascots in the dungeon”

“I do sir” Draco said.

“Ok the password is Butterbeer. Your sister knows of this room along with a few others. You may tell who you want about this room. It is were you guys can be yourselves, you may know leave, Narcissa we need to have a chat first”

“Ok” Narcissa gave Draco a hug, she turned to me and hugged me too. I could see Draco’s smile. He loved seeing me get along with his mother. She let go and Draco grabbed my hand and we left.

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