Kaylee is a runaway. She locks her memories deep inside her, forgetting them. But her safe haven, Calum Hood wants to uncover her secrets. It's a terrible life she left behind with abuse, drugs and lies. Will she open up to him?


1. Prologue

Rushing. Running. Don't look back. Take a deep breath...


   Running through the night, escaping that "hell hole" of a home. At the edge of the forest, is it worth getting lost? They're looking. Hunting her down. Where did she go? She's long gone. Pushing past tree branches and bushes, tripping over roots, no lights. No. They'll catch her. They will. She does not want to go back. She escapes.

   I could hear the dogs barking. They're tracking me. Keep running. Don't look, just run. I must be quiet if I'm not, they'll catch me. I hear someone. Shit. Fuck fuck fuck. Did they find me? One look, just quick but keep running.

   He's there when she's running. Hiking? Nature walk? No one cares for the reason but her. He was there and found her. Her head crashes into his chest. Fallen onto the ground she's scared. Is he with them? She jumps into this stranger's arms, crying. He doesn't know what to think of her.


"Let's go." He whispers as he comforts her

"Where?" She's nervous while looking up at him with red puffy eyes

"Home." He smiles, they both put their trust in each other


   She can see his perfect whitened teeth even in this dark forest. She will remember his smile. She will remember him. She will love him...

   Although he does not know her, he will protect her. He must protect her. He wants to keep her safe. He will learn more about her. He will love her...

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