Lightweight//~MGK Love~//

MGK is up on stage about to start his concert. But he notices a girl in the crowd in the front row just standing there looking at him.

He thought he fell for her! But then he noticed that the concert wasn't starting it was just about to end.

What will MGK do to get the girl and figure out who she was?


1. Just the Beginning

On August 20,2016 it was my day concert day. In NYC I was performing at MSG. I couldn't believe it was actually happening my dream since I was a kid and my dad always bringing me down and it's actually happening.

My daughter is my everything but my wife is just nor here and just doesn't care for her daughter. Well my daughter is my everything now am I going to let that being me down now or am I gonna ho play the best concert in NYC right now.

*6 hours later*

It's 7:30 the concert started at 8. I kept on rehearsing but people started to come in so I ran backstage before they saw me but this girl caught my eye. What is happening to me?

I have to play this show no girl except my daughter on my mind.

*8:00 the beginning*

I was about to go out when my daughter grabbed my hand and whispered Ito my ear.

"Daddy I love you!!"

I looked at her and she was all smiles so I hugged her kissed her and went on stage.

"Come on motherfuckers let's go!"

"Let's go sing!!" I screamed.

After about 1 1/2 hours of me and other rappers taking turns singing I sang this song.

"Here we go guys! This is a very special song because it's about the way I started and the truth. It's called swing life away!" I said into the microphone.

As the song was coming to an end the lights went out! But I didn't move I was watching the girl that I saw earlier.

I spoke into the microphone and said:

"I saw a girl before my show started and she was just so beautiful. I want her to come on stage right now. She is wearing black skinny jeans a white tank top with s black leather jacket that says MGK on the back in white. Can you please come to the front to come on the stage!"

The girl turned around and she was so happy she smiled but looked confused so she walked to her seat where she was for the whole entire show. The security let her up and I said into the mic to everyone thank you for coming and I will see u next tour!

Me and the girl went backstage and when I got backstage my daughter ran to me and hugged me. Then she looked at the girl that I had my arm around and she just smiled and said

"Daddy is this the girl u told me about!"

The girl looked at me and said

"Oh you told this little cutie about me."

"Yeah well I saw u before the show started and I kind of thought u were really cute." I said and went up to the girl and asked

"Do you want to go on a date tonight? I'm in NYC for another 2 days if u want to go out!"

"Sure why not! But where r we even gonna go?!" She questioned.

What will happen on the date?

What will MGK and The girl do on the date?!

Find out next!

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