Lightweight//~MGK Love~//

MGK is up on stage about to start his concert. But he notices a girl in the crowd in the front row just standing there looking at him.

He thought he fell for her! But then he noticed that the concert wasn't starting it was just about to end.

What will MGK do to get the girl and figure out who she was?


2. Date After Concert

Me and the girl decided to go to a club since she said she wouldn't mind going with me. We then entered the club and she was standing close by me I mean I get it she was kind of scared so I grabbed her hand because I didn't want to lose her and she held it tightly and then we walked to the bar and I got a drink and she didn't want anything right now she said.

"Do you drink?" I asked I was just curious.

"I do it's just I don't know if u can handle me if I have to much!" She answered back.

"Well I guess we are gonna find out tonight." I said biting my lip,

"Can I text my mom first and tell her I'm staying at my friends house tonight!" She asked.

"Yeah just call her let's go outside so u can call her!" I said.

"Ok thanks Kells." She replied as we walked outside.

We went outside she called her mom her mom said ok then she called her best friend and told her everything to say if er mom called. Then we stood out there for a few and I went behind her and looked up at the moon and said:


S:Sirena the girl

MGK: the moon is so bright tonight, you know they say when a new true love is found by their soul mate the moon is bright.

S: oh really I wonder who found their true love I wish it was me!

MGK: Sirena can u turn around and look at me!

S: why I mean I can't do anyt.....................

Sirena was cut off by my lips smashing into hers and I then stopped kissing her and she looked at me all shocked and then she came back to me and kissed me again. We then kissed for a while as we stood outside.

MGK: Sirena do u think u would want to go on the rest of my tour with me there are only 4 more shows left!

S: I would love to but I don't know if my parents would let me!

MGK: well how about we leave this place and go to the hotel or my tour bus and just hang out and I promise u I won't try anything unless u start.

S: hahaha very funny and okay. I got all night!

Sirena said she got all night and I was just dying inside.

MGK: Hey can I call u babe!

S:whatever you want baby!

We went and walked onto my tour bus and went to the back and I closed the door and locked it. I fucking love Sirena even though I just met her I just know that she's the one for me and the only one for me!

What's going to happen on the tour bus with us?

What will she try?

What will MGK try?

Will anything happen between them?!

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