Siblings Trial

The tainted gift of Insanity was the end of not only her brother but the girl herself.


1. Sibling Trails

The cold air brushed against my cheeks. The thick winter snow was falling onto the floor, the concrete had disappeared under the sheet of snow falling endlessly, a pure white blanket that spreads as far as the eye can see everything glistens and shines, as if a fairy has sprinkled a white dust over the entire world. The trees stood up like a skinny, lifeless skeleton. Icicles hung on to trees and doorways, beautiful but dangerous. I look into the windows gazing at the hot fireplace while kids cuddled around it, the turkey laid on the table, little stockings waiting to be filled with presents and the joy of Christmas. I gazed mesmerised at the Christmas tree reaching to the ceiling, shining like the crown jewel, with presents waiting to be unwrapped. All I be getting for Christmas was a thin scarf mother had been sewing all year with the few materials she had. Just then, I looked into the endless sky when I heard a blood-curling scream.  

I ran back to the slums the place I think was home. The floors were full of snow but you could still see all the rubbish as I ran I heard someone say ‘We’ve got another goner’ In the slums every winter people died like my older sister Eloise we longed and cried for her every day since she died. Another blood-curling scream and I hurried away. My brother had the disease schizophrenia that is a mental disorder that is characterized by hallucinations and delusions. He got it when he was 6 years old and the only person he could calm him was Eloise and now she was gone he has temper tantrums and yesterday he accused me of trying to murder him.

I walked towards my brother to be honest I was afraid of him as he was always screaming and crying.mum was trying to calm him but he was refusing. Mother saw me and said we should give our brother some time on his own. I nodded at her and walked and walked into the little woods right in the corner of the slums. The old, yellow and brown leaves hustled in the wind, as the sounds of dead, weak trees, as the wind rustled through the trees. I breathed in and smelled the damp moist red soils, flowers, and wild herbs the leaves came down outrageously, everything from vivid scarlet, gold and morning yellow to the colour of soil. It is rare to see so many come down all at once and I cannot think why it should be so. The river was in a hurry running fast bumping into the rocks a beautiful waterfall the colour was aqua-blue. It pounded down at the rocks and it foamed at the bottom. The green forest plants all the colours of the rainbow was carried down the waterfall passing the water lilies. The river was growling and rumbling suddenly hail started to fall.

 I was about to walk back when I was stopped by my older brother and saw he had a evil glint in his eye. I took a step back but tripped on a twig. I hit my head on a rock I could feel it swelling pain filled me. He took a step towards me a knife glistened in the dim light. With every step he took, my heart was pounding dangerously inside my chest. Thunder clapped while lighting roared and more hail pounded down.  I heard a scream it took me a moment to realise it was my own. I walked backward not looking were I was going I fell in the river. The once clear river was now crimson with blood. I took one last look at my brother as my vision distorted as though I was losing my sight; seeing colour, visions and objects I never knew existed and I couldn’t help feeling  like I wanted to vomit. My stomach done a massing black flip and I coughed out scarlet red blood. The once clear river was now stained red. I wanted to scream out in fear but all my emotions were controlled by the fiery urge knowing that he does not mean to kill me. I tried to remember this and get the sight of my impending downfall out of my mind. I closed my eyes, trying to remember something happy like the time; we used to play in the beautiful garden together as young kids with Eloise I smiled as if welcoming death like an old friend I had not seen in years. The knife cut deeper and deeper into my skin and the howling winds died in my heart and out in the vast sky    


Transaction (switching characters)  ………………….

I shook my head and I felt as if I came out of a long years sleep. Thoughts whirled pounding in my head, what is my name, where I am and whom am I pounded in my head. My name is Aiden I am the brother of Eloise and winter, where I am I do not known and I think I am six years. I looked into the river a body to big to be mine. My vision came back to me; I looked around not noticing where I was I saw a body that looked like winter lying in the river a smile on here face. A howling scream came out of my mouth and echoed throughout the forest awakening all the forest creatures and making them scurry away in fear and surprise. My eyes trailed down at my bloody knife and my eyes widened. I had killed my sister; no, it cannot be for I do not remember such a thing.  The black dark rocks were stained red, along with her once black dress, which contrasted with her white, pale motionless face. Blood dripped from the rocks and unto the barren forest ground surrounding my bare feet’s. My sister was dead and by my own hands. I stared at the body that was now gory and bloody. I let out a sickening scream as the last of my sanity turned its back on me. FOREVER….    

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