Bitter Sweet Love

One girl.
One guy.
Two different lifes.
Marley Parker is living with her family in a small town called Fox in Minnesota. Her life is kinda boring, she goes to school, does her homework, read and then she does it all over again everyday. Then the mysterious guy Connor McCamble comes trempeling into her life. As soon as they start talking Marley finds out that Connor has a lot of secrets. He never talks about himself or his family, so Marley starts investigating. She looks online, to find out more about him.
How will it end up for Marley? Will she be able to find out what secrets he has?
Find out in The Black Wolf.


5. V

Connors P.O.V

I had to find him. I let out a breath and looked over my shoulder. What the hell? Was Marley gone now too? When did she leave? It was all over now.
Marley was right. I never attended to let Marc go, but I had to tell her that.
Was he really so stupid, that he'd call the police? He knew I was gonna go after him if he did.

I glared at the mousoleum again. Then I stood up and walked closer. I looked around inside and then I closed the dark green wooden door.
I had to find her. And him.
I locked the door and started walking past the mousoleum, heading towards the exit of the woods.

"Connor! There you are! We were just heading over to Petes, to celebrate. Are you coming?" I gazed at Matthew, who was the team captain.

"No. I have to go."

"Suit your self." Matthew ran over to the other guys.

Good. Marc was nowhere to see. But, Marley was talking to her friend. Should I join them? Tell her that I needed to talk with her? No. She would probably just make a scene. She was quite good at that. Overreacting, yelling, making weird sounds and all that.

I kinda liked the way the wind pushed her skirt up just under her bum.
Yes, good view. The view from over here must've been better than Central Park in New York. But, why wear a skirt now? It was chilling outside.
She was pretty. Her eyes were intense. Full of life and emotions.


Marley spun around and gave me a look that could kill. Yes, I called for her. I had to talk with her. I had to make sure she wouldn't tell anyone. She was probaly telling her friend right now.

She just left. She didn't even wanna talk to me. Her loss.
Now, I just had to find Marc.

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