Bitter Sweet Love

One girl.
One guy.
Two different lifes.
Marley Parker is living with her family in a small town called Fox in Minnesota. Her life is kinda boring, she goes to school, does her homework, read and then she does it all over again everyday. Then the mysterious guy Connor McCamble comes trempeling into her life. As soon as they start talking Marley finds out that Connor has a lot of secrets. He never talks about himself or his family, so Marley starts investigating. She looks online, to find out more about him.
How will it end up for Marley? Will she be able to find out what secrets he has?
Find out in The Black Wolf.


4. IV

My heart stopped beating. I lost my breath. Was this real? It couldn't be. How could this have happend? I fell down on the ground, crying. I gazed up at Marc who was chained to a stool. "Marc! Are you okay?! Please, answer me!"
I felt a hand on my shoulder.
"You weren't supposed to see this." Connors voice was hard and cold, emotionless.
"Did you do this? You kidnapped my boyfriend!"
"Again, you weren't supposed to see this. I'm sorry for that. And for the record, I didn't know he was your boyfriend."
Was he completely insane? Oh God. He was probably a serial killer.
Was he going to chain me up to now? Shit.


"You're crazy." I stood up and walked away from him.
"Marley, I can explain. Please let me.."
"No! No, you kidnapped my boyfriend. Okay? I'm calling the police."
I took out my phone and started dialling the digit.
"No Marley!" Connor came at me and threw away my phone. "You're not calling the police. Let me explain, ok?" He grabbed my shoulders and we sat up again.
"Marley listen to me. I had to." I just glared at him, my eyes full of tears.
"Your boyfriend is not a good guy okay? He blackmailed me."
"Blackmailed you? With what?"
"He knows about some of my secrets. And no one can ever know about my secrets. So... I had to chain him up. I had no other choice..."
"Okay you know what? Marc doesn't normally go around and blackmail people. You're lying. And you're a psychopath. Or a sociopath. I don't know the difference. But I'm calling the police!"
"You don't have a phone, remember? I threw it away. Anyway, I'm not lying. And... I probably have to chain you up too if you tell anyone. But, you're not going to right?"
"You... Are you blackmailing me now? Stay away from me you psycho."
Connor raised and planted himself right in front of me with his arms crossed.
"Think about it Marley. How are you going to free Marc if your locked in there with him?"
"You're crazy."
"Actually no. I just need you to keep quiet about this alright? He put this on himself. Let me deal with it. He'll be home tomorrow. I promise you Marley, I almost didn't hurt him."
"Almost? Let him go."
"Of course. Tomorrow."
Connor bent down and grabbed my hand and pulled me up. He laid his hands on my shoulders and glared at me.
"How did I happen? You chaining him up?"
Connor sighed. "Well... He saw me one night doing... Something. And I caught him, and told him not to tell anyone. But then he kind of blackmailed me, and said he would tell anyone blah blah blah. But it's his own fault. Marley, just... Forget about this okay? He'll be home tomorrow."
"Well, I think he's already on his way." I pointed at the empty mousoleum. Connor spun around and fell down on his knees.
"What... How... Did you? But... He got out?"
"You never intended to let him go home right?"
He shook his head. "How did you do that?"
"I didn't do it Connor. How could I? I've been standing over here with you the hole time. I'm gonna go now."
"No Marley. You have to stay... He'll tell the police and then... I have to stop him..."

I slowly walked away from him, away from the cemetery. I started running and when I was almost out of the woods, I saw Dakota.
"Where have you been? What happened?" I greeted her with a hug.
"I... I was just going for a run."
"Yes. I, I needed some air. Alone time." I took a step back and studied her face.
"Well, okay. Let's go. Pete is waiting for us."


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