Bitter Sweet Love

One girl.
One guy.
Two different lifes.
Marley Parker is living with her family in a small town called Fox in Minnesota. Her life is kinda boring, she goes to school, does her homework, read and then she does it all over again everyday. Then the mysterious guy Connor McCamble comes trempeling into her life. As soon as they start talking Marley finds out that Connor has a lot of secrets. He never talks about himself or his family, so Marley starts investigating. She looks online, to find out more about him.
How will it end up for Marley? Will she be able to find out what secrets he has?
Find out in The Black Wolf.


3. III

"Are you going somewhere?" My mother was standing in the doorway into my room with her arm crossed. "Yes, me and Dakota are going to a football match." "But, you hate football?" "Yes, but Pete and Marc is playing. Of course only, if Marc is going to show up." My mom starred at me, looking like one big question mark. "We haven't seen Marc all day, and neither of us can get in contact with him. But i'm sure he's just sick or something." "Well, I hope he is okay then. When will you be leaving?" "Soon, I just have to finish this chapter."  "Okay, I'll see you when you get home then." My mom walked out of the my room closing the door behind her. I glanced down at my book. I was still reading Me And Earl And The Dying Girl. I liked the book. I thought it was very intriguing. I have heard that there was a movie made, based on the book. Oh, how I wanted to watch that film. The next book I was going to read, was the one Connor handed to me yesterday. Him again. He disturbed my mind all the time. I had to stop thinking about him. I closed the book and put it on my desk. Then I went downstairs and opened the front door. There stood Dakota, just about to knock on the door. "Dakota! You scared me!" She lowered her hand and gave me a huge smile. "Sorry, i didn't mean to. I just thought we could walk together? It's getting rather dark, and I'm hearing about all thoes dissaperinces in the news..." "Sure. Just a second."

"I was just getting my jacket. We can go now." She nodded and stepped down on the ground. "You still haven't heard from him?" "Nope. He wont text me back. Please, tell me your honest opinion. Do you think he's with Amber?" Dakota stopped and gazed at me. "You think he would cheat on you? Marley, he loves you. More than anything. I know it sometimes doesn't seem like it, but he does. You are all he ever talkes about." "Yeah, you're right. Forget it. Let's go." We continued walking through the town until we came to the soccer field.

"Hey, you made it! Is Marc with you?" "What? He's not here?! Wher the hell is he?!" "Marley, calm down. I'm sure he's just..." "Calm down? I should calm down? My boyfriend is missing!" "I know, but... Let's talk with his family, before we do anything else." "But the team needs him! He's the best player we've got." Pete called out in frustration. "Is his mother here?" "Pete nodded. "I think so." "Okay I'll go find her." I walked across the the grass field when I saw his mother. I've never really liked his parents... The family was rich, his parents was working alot, so they've never had time to Marc or his siblings. I just thought it was unfair. Plus, his father had a bad temper. Really bad temper. He used to yell at Marc, his wife and Marcs brother and sister, even when I was visiting. His dad scared me. So I stopped coming over. Now Marc was sleeping at my place. He just couldn't take it anymore, all that screaming and shouting. My family liked Marc. Except for Alisha of course. She had never liked him. I understood why, but she was really bad at hiding it witch was unfair to Marc.

"Mrs. Matthews!" Her eyes spred wide open. "Marley, is everything okay?" "I'm sorry, but you know where Marc is right?" She looked down, shaking her head. "No... We haven't seen him all day. We think he dissapered last night but.."  "Dissapered?! You mean, he's been kidnapped?" "Well, we've called the police... But they think he just ran away. They said teenagers often do that just to scare their parents,  and then they show up again. But Marc wouldn't do this right? At least, not without talking to you." She faced me and gave me a little smile. "We'll find him Marley. I promise. Go tell Pete and Dakota that the police is on it and that he just ran away." "But... You said he dissapered? You want me to lie?" I took a step back. "Yes Marley... I don't want them to worry about their friend." She took my hand and squeezed it. "I hope it's okay with you." I nodded. "Yeah, sure... Okay, I'll tell them that." She released my hand and walked over to her car.

"Pete, I talked with Mrs. Matthews." I joined Dakota and Pete once again, just before he was going to play. "Yeah? What did she say?" "The police is on it, and he just ran away. Teenagers often do this to scare their parents or something... So it's normal, and he'll be back soon." "He ran away? Without telling anyone? It's seems weird Marley. Are you sure?" Dakota put a hand on my shoulder and gazed at me. "Yes I'm sure." I looked over at Pete who was about to freak out. "Pete, he's okay. And you can win this game without him. You're a good player. Ok? So go out and play now." He nodded. "Okay then... I  guess I'll see you after the game then." He kissed Dakota and ran over to the other players. "Marley? What is that new guy doing out on the field? Did he replace Marc or something?" "Huh? Connor?" We walked closer, and there he stood. Conner McCamble in football clothes. I couldn't think this way now. Not when Marc was missing. But... He just looked so good. Stop it Marley. You're boyfriend is missing. "Well, maybe just for tonight." Shit. He was starring at me. Why did he do that? It was really freaking me out. I told him to leave me alone, so why was he still looking at me all the time? Wait. When Connor showed up, Marc dissapered. Was that just a coincidence? Maybe. It was. Conner had nothing to do with it. They had never even met each other before. "Marley, stop starring at him like that." She noticed. Great. "Huh? I wasn't starring. I'm just watching the game." "Sure. It's okay, I think Connor is good looking too, but Marc is missing. You know, your boyfriend." "He's not missing. And I don't think Connor is 'good looking'. Okay? Get it?" "Sure, just keep telling yourself that." She smiled and sat down on one of the benches.


"Finally! That game lasted for ever. I can't belive they won." I grinned. "Me neither! I heard some of the guys talking about it and they said it was because of the new guy. He scored e v e r y goal apparently." "Why do you keep calling him 'the new guy'? His name is Connor. Wait, I'll be back soon." I stood up and walked away from Dakota. "Marley, c'mon!" Connor was heading out into the woods. Why wasn't he celebrating with the other guys? I followed him out to the cemetery where he stopped. "Are you gonna keep following me around? Or are you going to say hi?" Great. Connor spun around and walked closer to me. "Hi. What are you doing out in the woods? Shouldn't you be celebrating? You won." "Why should I? I don't even like them." "Well, you could pretend. Just for tonight at least." "Why are you following me? What I'm doing out here, is really not your business." "Cocky much? I was just curious. So relax. Wait what was that?" I pushed him aside and walked closer to the mousoleum. "Don't Marley. Stop." Why? Are you hiding a bunch of dead bodies in here or what?" I grinned and opend the door.



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